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I. Want to see him do levitated. I WanNa do I wanna see 'em fake some stuff. No 'cause I like both I appreciate how good of magician is how good of a specially close up magician? I. Think he's Proud he's better than Penn and teller. Close up now. Oh I don't know he's probably not better than Taylor yeah but he is very good. He's up. There is probably better than pen. Yeah. He's one of the top. Five or ten magicians of the world. I. Don't think you're qualified to make that look if there were tied or than I would know them know he just he's on TV and he hangs out with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio. Because Leonardo DiCaprio knows he's one of the top five or ten close up magicians in the world learning. Leonardo DiCaprio's GonNa hang out with the twenty seventh. Best. Close up magician the world now invite him into his vaunted P. Policy. That sounds of worst and when you say. I know. I don't think he was part of that. Was He he was. All I know is that the guy who played lex luthor on Smallville was part of it and that you know. Kind of threw me whereas who is in this It make sense said he wasn't walking around with a bunch of. People at his caliber he wasn't like George. Clooney. Europe part of this. Is like now. I'M GONNA get some guys who are you know a step or two below Leonardo? DiCaprio's level of fame. Tom David Blaine. Hope Y. Toby. Maguire's thou wire there to member wire though I see is like his. Down he's headed down as a step up from the other guys but I see him as. Toby's my right hand guy. Harmony Corine Who Harmony? With that I think I think his last name is pronounced Coron Tom the day that you start. Correcting people on pronunciations come on the today's that day I've started. Kevin Connolly e from. Entourage. Jay R Ferguson, who I do not know Oh he was once a child actor who appeared on evening shade. Yeah Oh. He's on madman to I guess Lukas. Haas yeah I remember us like a child actor and current actor. Yeah it also seems like he he. Not only were. They like a step down from him they he got people that were kind of weird look into. Yeah. In like. He's he's handsome, right? Yes he's not necessarily A. He's traditionally boyishly handsome. Young but he's not. Like low level. You know. Post High School we'd dealer. Asking me for a little while like. Radhi beer post high school re- dealer handsome. That'll. trope. So Anyway David Blaine. Yes I think. He. I think you know him. Because he's good at what he does but he also a good publicist and he's part of that posse that everybody the beloved. Posse yeah. So while we talk about the most recent stunt, he's done. This is why we're talking about. It stunts 'cause it's newsworthy and we were primarily news program. Yeah and we didn't want to cover. This is before it happened because what if things went tragically, wrong Right Okay David, Blaine ascension and from where we're sitting this just happened yesterday. Was that yesterday. Time means nothing it might have been six. Yes it.

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