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This before, but we've got a ton of this stuff over at ad free shows dot com. Ready for your enjoyment. So if you like what you hear, by all means, go check out ad free shows dot com and enjoy the first week on us. We're all about nostalgia over there, and I can tell you, as I'm recording this, I just finished recording another episode of insiders where we're talking to the people behind the scenes of professional wrestling, and it's an absolute legend that I just interviewed. And speaking of legends, we just posted my conversation with Jim Johnston. The man behind most of your favorite wrestling themes from the attitude era, and even the glory days, the 1980s, I guess it was the golden era. Whatever. We've got a rare sit down on camera interview with the one and only Jim Johnston over to ad free shows dot com. And seriously, more JR radio than you can shake a stick at. So check it out right now, coming up again. We got Jim talking to Mick Foley. Way back when, and then we've got Jim talking with Tony schiavone and who could forget Jim and the American Dream, dusty Rhodes, Jim Ross and I will be back next week. Of course, I hope everyone enjoyed MJF day and WrestleMania this past weekend. But next week, man, we'll be back canon with brand new content. You don't want to miss. We're going to be talking about the evolution of the undertaker. We're not going to be able to cut that one short. We're not going to shave any time off of these interviews either. All right, listen, I'm just shameless with it. I'm excited about hints and shaving. Hanson shaving is a family owned aerospace parts manufacturer that's many parts for the International Space Station and the Mars rover and now they're bringing precision engineering to your shaving experience. Check this out, y'all.

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