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David gura great focus on china today was stephen roach and david goldman is well just china front and center yao extremely interesting to see how this congress played out over the last a week and we've made some jokes at the beginning about the length of the president's speech three and a half efforts to does that they got off but a true italy's be heard from dot directors the clap i could with with these chillier from dr rocho in important moments in chinese history is present she begins to solidify his legacy is still going so far here is due to a put himself into the constitution into that gutting document itself put it on on twitter david from doing what he does which is give you a briefing than something noted no about which is czechoslovakia or the czech republic a ha spun slovakia off in the atlantic just a sobering article on this trend of refugee migrant reaction in europe i really thought it was something did yeah focusing on a meeting that he had back in two thousand fourteen with somebody who is seemed to be a rising star in what the dude from does so well as a puts that meeting into some context to you have a lot of people who lived under communist regimes who have moved into positions of great power and great wealth and he talks about the ah scepticism he has of of the sometime shady ways in which these folks that made their money ambassador kornblum talking in berlin former invest kornblum about dr kissinger and just front and center these that we action that we could see on migration in europe it's something to look forward to our she say look out for rather in two thousand eighteen tax reform year in washington by 401 k maxed out this year in the other you go i i'm sure it has with let me a great piece on the bloomberg just looking at them the lessons learned from this particular aboutface where this particular injection of of of executive power into this process you had a lot of republicans haggling over whether or not to to change this part of the tax code the prison tweeting hasn't in what we're on air that this facet of of of the tax code that preserving 401 k benefits is not going to change he thinks that it works and what the peace on the bloomberg this.

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