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All right today is excuse me, March fifteenth happy Friday guys, I know we're supposed to post an episode for this morning. This is a little later in the afternoon. We ran into coordinating mishaps. I was doing the mostly soccer podcast with those guys. Go check them out. And then Martin had ago drivers mom, pick her up down and Asheville North Carolina. So we policy is for the delay. But we are here to talk some Champions League Martin is on Skype as well. So if it sounds a little funkier if we cut out a little bit, we apologize. But we're we want to get this show out for you. And this is why we're here so Martin how the hell are you? Good brother, bumbling record last night, obviously for podcast reasons. But we're back. We're here. It's friday. It's the weekend. And I'm so excited. Let's fucking get after it. All right. Let's get that bread. That's what I hear. They say say I heard a kid said, I'm once or twice once or a few. Yes. But before we get into Liverpool beating up a boring Byron man city, literally just like taking out there, Dicks and like slapping shock on the face. I don't even know how to explain these a big fat dump on them, essentially Biggles stinking pile of dung. But even before we begin Marin like the boondocks league is on the hot seat. Right. We can say that like after Tottenham city and now Liverpool. It was a Premier League smackdown on the Bundesliga, which is just gives more ammo to say like every all these boons legal lovers. Keep trying to tell me how like no, we're a lot better than you think. You're not all you. You're not giving me a reason to think that let me tell you all I'm saying is I might have to put the French league a little bit higher than the moon is bigger right now because look at C Renos they. They won a game. You know, fired do that Dortmund. Really that she's awkard and do that PS g won a game. And you know. I think I'm gonna say the French league is more competitive than the Bundesliga on our Hake. Hot taste well before we get into that Martin. I did want to say something about someone we posted on our Facebook. There was a picture circulating of Luis Suarez kicking. His wife's not kicking your ass. No, not actually hitting her not biting her. Okay. He made her sit in the back seat because he's writing a messy. So that's I mean, if you're riding with your boy, and it's Lino messy. I mean, would you do the same thing to be fair? I would do that. Even if I wasn't running with the greatest soccer player of all time. I I'll do that. If I was riding with you. And I had a wife. I'd be like, look, I love you dearly. But you need to get in the back because Kevin I we need to talk from soccer, and we need to yell at each other. So get that move. It's the boys in a car onus with my boys..

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