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The liuw but because you know there was such an increased interest after the music video came out in these specific pieces of all the ones you saw in the music video the lou of course it was like this is a billion idea and let's do this did seem to be a larger and if you would call it a a waiting line or something to get into i shouldn't say that because again possibly most famous art museum in the world was already like a line to get into the loop but that they did it was somehow able to notice the increased interest following this music video and so have the idea to create a specific editor solely for these pieces given that one of them is the mona lisa it's unclear that clearly mona lisa again one of the most famous pieces in the world and clearly something almost every visitor to the liuw goes to the to see if nothing else you probably go and see the mona lisa so given that that's already superpopular how this tour will tie that in with the other sixteen pieces as well as with the people visiting the lisa looking visiting the lou excuse me i'm looking at the mona lisa but not taking this specific tour is unclear so listeners if you do manage to go to and take this tour these social media what it's like also just sort of i mean what lewis 'cause i really do kind of really want to go and i almost wanna go just to see the cool glass pyramid but i also read the dementia code and saw the movie like the book better than the movie but do kind of want to go and feel all symbol is professor whatever have you that rubber linden's doing this this i actually now want to do that with this tour i don't know what that would even entail because as far as i know there's not some sort of conspiracy theory regarding the pieces that were in this music video they were chosen for their reasons but there doesn't seem to be some you know world changing thought process behind it of the story got out it would change history as we know it but i do now want to go and be all symbolist and i kind of hope the tour without going into conspiracy theory does get into the symbolism of those pieces and why they might have been put into the carter's music video but i will stop imagining myself because that is for a different podcast so we're going to end for today thank you for listening to the gmc.

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