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Be sure we can handle it Marty's pizza feel Delafield or Marty's pizza done now we found that whatever kind of bad you decide to run if it doesn't sell it's a bad one thing we're pretty good at is digging deep to find what truly sets our clients apart from their competition and we're always surprised at what we find and have often asked well why haven't you been telling the public that there are things about your business that you are talking enough people can certainly not often enough we'll fix that good I understand that Smith dot com hit the contact us button because we help small business advertisers get better results have you ever been singled out involuntarily to do something that you didn't really want to do it so you have insight into the experience of Moses you know the most is the guy who brought the ten commandments down the mountain from god Dr Michael Ziggler this week on the Lutheran hour Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty WTMJ this is our American stories and we continue our conversation with Richard Sachs author of chasing the last laugh mark Twain's raucous and redemptive round the world comedy tour and when we.

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