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You TV and the third of four suspects in the pike county murderous appeared before a judge on Thursday Angela Wagner waves her right to a speedy trial and judge Randy Deering orders. Her held without bond. Wagner is facing twenty two counts against her including eight counts of aggravated murder with death penalty specifications. The basic prison terms for a third degree felony or nine twelve eighteen twenty four thirty. Or thirty six months. The maximum fine is ten thousand dollars there. Now gag orders in place for legal professionals involved in the cases, a pretrial hearing is set for January seventh Jared Allen, NewsRadio six ten WTVN Delaware man will spend over eight years in prison for a fatal hit and run last year, the left a jogger dead Franklin county prosecutor Ron O'Brien Jonathan Kauffman was not only drunk at the time, but also on prescription meds people who are on prescription drugs have to realize just because of prescription drugs doesn't mean that they are free to take them and not their ability to accurately drive a car Kaufman hit sixty eight year old Linda Evans is. She was jogging along park meadow road in October of last year. She was training for the Columbus marathon when she died. Prosecutors say Kaufman stopped to check for damage on his vehicle before fleeing the scene. He was later apprehended at his place of employment. The Ohio State University will no longer be issuing print at home tickets. Thanks to scammers the new policy goes into effect immediately for sporting events like men's basketball and men's ice hockey the universe. Says tickets for about three hundred fans to the game last Saturday turned out to be fake radio. Six ten WTVN sports. The Dallas Cowboys and the saints their first loss since week. One one touchdown catch for Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas tops New Orleans thirteen to ten on Thursday night. Football Cowboys seven and five on the season. First place in the NFC east NFL game Sunday at one the Bengals host the Broncos. Jeff Jurisco will start at quarterback for Cincinnati to Houston. The Browns take on the Texans in college football, the buckeyes go for the big ten title tomorrow night against north Western Conference player of the year to be announced tonight Dwayne Haskins one of five finalists for the silver football college football on Friday, MAC title, tilt, northern Illinois battles buffalo Pac twelve championship. Washington. Takes on Utah for a Rose Bowl bid to the NHL. The blue jackets tame the wild for two to a nationwide. CJ had the New York versus the islanders Saturday at seven more sports headlines in thirty five minutes, Eric research. Newsradio six ten WTVN..

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