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Welcome to Latinos who tech. My name is Olga Casinos. I'm an engineer. And I work in Silicon Valley I am originally from Kaz Venezuela a navy calling the US home for the last ten years when it comes to Latinas in the US. We are sixty million people. But we're only three percent of the workers in science or Engineering Profession. Silicon Valley of had the opportunity to meet some remarkable professionals. That working attacking Lebanon's like me with this podcast. I want to bring you a collection of their stories. And how they got the job in tech in the first place and if they have to start all over again what would they do differently? I want to share with you career advice on how to get a job in tech dealing passer syndrome. How to find your drive? When you're the only one in the rump. This Latina so attack. This episode of Latinos attack is brought to you by audible. Audibles the world's premium platform for audiobooks with over one hundred and fifty thousand. Titles if you're like me you're passionate about learning new things but finding the time to read maybe difficult. All your books are great alternative. You can get a free thirty day. Trial plus a free by going to audible trial the COM slash Latinos. Gosport them since they support us. Thank you so Briana. Welcome to Latinos attack. Thank you. I'm excited to be here so tell me your story. Oh Wow aren't even start I guess for me. I grew up a by a single mom. The oldest of three kids and I like that really shaped me. I'm super grateful to be four generations that Hannah so to be raised with You know my own independence to like. Live your own life. Do Your own thing. I'm so grateful my Mama said you know. Go as far as you can dream big. You know I'll live vicariously through you and support you in any way I can And so it's very I want to say kind of the opposite of how we hear. The story of most women are taught to be calm and quiet and collected in. My mom was like go out and play in the rain and get dirty and I'm super grateful for having such a wise woman. Raised me to be so strong and independent and to be raised and dream big I know when I was growing up like any little kid. They say you know. What are you going to be when you grow up? But now it's going to help people. I want to be a doctor and you know but I've been seeing since I was three so I just I would have entertained. People and I want people to feel like loved heard and seen how I love pictures and I love that you can capture moments. You know and I would love to be a photographer. I really WANNA teach early and I love learning and I'm obsessed and so even the growing up both my mom and grandma on older my memorial with semi not the kitchen table. And saying well you can. Actually you know. Go to school to be a doctor. Because that's the highest degree. You need on spend time doing now. You know invest in yourself. You know you'd be a doctor from Monday through Friday and then you can be a singer on the weekends right Friday night. Gigs on the weekends at your home. But whenever you're traveling around the world helping people you can teach them about the cultures take pictures of where your ads so they kind of just helped me understand that you know you're only limited by what your own beliefs are Insiders always thought like anything is possible in so intern with as my life continued to evolve continued to keep pushing myself and challenging. And I would notice that I obviously would score high in math and science and it was those two fields really just challenged me whereas I love writing stories. I love being creative. But that's funny. Came easy to me so math and science. It was just something that I had to climb that mountain to achieve and that sense of accomplishment when I finally got that problem really meant a lot to me and so I continued on I guess I've been seeing on threes on a chose a path to go in high school. I took a hand instrument. Draft class absolutely fell in love. I can't draw. Stick people to save my life but I draw three dimensional isometric view of something Wish we kind of blew me away after that. I kind of just started asking questions. Know what. What can I do to do this? How does this relate to like any kind of career choice And My hand instrument drafting teacher had ended up telling the engineering is really. I was really obsessed with cars and engines so curious about how things worked levers police years. I'll go crazy for it all Towards I started pursuing mechanical engineering at ended up having to go to college. I want it thousand miles away from home. Put on academic probation And but even that like I've done a lot of internships so I'm a very hands on Learner You know conceptual learning was very difficult for me. And so I knew I wasn't GonNa get straight as in college and I continued to pursue more internships and Co ops and so by the time I graduated I had already about three three and a half years of experience in different industries but Iowa's really drawn to manufacturing how things were made the process improvement manufacturing engineering industrial engineering and ended up finding my way through again different avenues Essentially grading rotational program for an International Aerospace Company got laid off ceremony consulting firm Then went into automotive manufacturing and then kind of found that transition of doing exactly what I love to do between kind of the idea and concept of new industry new technology implementation to actually assembly lines and what that looks like so now. I'm doing it fulltime for non profit from against essentially. How do we train people? What's the ideas? And then how do we actually get that Down to the local level so again like my passion for people in processes and really challenging myself continued to be a consistent throughout my entire life and not for any non for profit Checked which way the two people that listen to this are well acquainted with chat and how much I am you know. I think that the whole the lifetime members like us. We are the ship cheerleaders. If you will because a every time that I meet somebody that happens to be Hispanic Latino whatever you WANNA call it at work on. They mentioned that. Oh Yeah what is this shop thing or these ace ace HP thing? Oh okay. I need to I a couple of causing coming. How much time do you have? A best kept secret you know. I wish I would have known about it sooner. Beato that this this awesome. Thank you for sharing that and So so you need mechanical. In school he asks. And that's why I said if I would have known. What manufacturing or national engineering was. I wouldn't have had to torture myself with you. Know he transferred thermal system designed but I made it through long in turmoil path but I made it dissolve them. Yeah and then. Once you're ending donaire you know nobody can take that away from you. That way of thinking analytically and You know ruining running towards the problems instead of away from them. That's that's pretty unique so yes very much so even just a way of thinking. Yeah Yeah it's like You know and again we can be something as simple as okay. I gotTa do my laundry and tried to figure out like okay. How can minimize the number of trips down to the that's really cool and I know I have to bring you in because There's the old being an ally and the you know again you know we. We know that mentoring important. Also having not being a sponsor where people but there's been an ally and the ultimately I think that a lot of people are linked with myself is that we hear this word ally being thrown around at our workplace battle. Yeah we need to be better allies for you know a underrepresented minorities in especially in stem. Well women people of Color You know it'd be Q. People so what have you so I wanNA exploiting Savio. You know asked the asa man as I I was like. How can they be better ally to those women around me gene check because again full disclosure? I was actually invited well workshop for Shipping Conference and the in the beginning. That workshop was straightforward. It's about work. Mike balance how to say no and I bring my say. Note the people everyday including.

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