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What do you listen i listened to like more like erica bye do relax music bill viselike chill vise but i never said rap while you kind of putting that on me 'cause i don't buffs in pink shirt i know what is that that's weird pink where could be pink or could have been white washed it with red the smart now taco or something real keith lee here in studio and our producers letting us know if are i are our last guest is going to get shuffled in a little bit early or not in the meantime all take this quick call for marco from waco will i danny what am i looking at no answer okay market from waco what's up but go real quick brown going to become the sycamore stroke spite the history of the usc tony caridi man isn't a fantasy wipro true through my note do you remember the stat mike brown put out for this year wasn't it like nine combing or main events have phone through my mike bond i know the main events is that you'll see to twenty is the only main event so far twenty twenty team held together all pedia to shaving the all of the people all of the paper of you may have twentyone australia yeah that fell apart to twenty two was vegas yeah catastrophe and wow sucks man but wasn't it nice to have a good card in brooklyn that can for one they got themselves a backup in max holloway but what about the rest of the card.

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