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The chance of rain returns at five thirty six i'm wsb meteorologist kirk mellish this friday morning with the interstates wide open watch for volume building around the metro area and recheck the ride out of the northern suburbs in six minutes vaca wsb wbz news time is five thirty two this morning news and here's marcy williams judd hickinbotham trip halstead the winder toddler braindamaged after tree limb falls on on him has died wsb's michelle wright reports live the family is heartbroken his mom writing on the families facebook page waking trip for school thursday morning she noticed he was having some trouble breathing calling his doctor they advise she'd bring him to the hospital when they arrive in athens doctors do some xrays and discover that trips left lung as cloudy and is carbon dioxide levels were high and they're transferring him to atlanta then hours later notification came the boys died on the fifth anniversary of the accident in which left trip brain damage his dad bill telling channel to try to look at the bright side of thing the positives as a as opposed to focusing on the negatives don't need to look at the positives now trip halstead has died he was seven years old live in the news center michelle wright wsb wsb news time five thirty three as we update breaking news out of florida searchers pick through the rubble elva pedestrian bridge collapsed near florida international university miami dade police chief juan perez says it'll be a long process clearing the scene you get through that rubble and you know the pieces of concrete lane there he's not going to be an easy task the death toll is now risen to six at least nine others are injured the bridges span was installed just five days earlier socalled stocking strangler is the first georgia inmate to be put to death this year the ajc's rhonda cook says carlton gary never acknowledged the victims families and did not even open his eyes once he entered the death chamber died without ever making your final statement neither recorded nor want witnesses were in place jerry was convicted of the rape and murder of three elderly women in columbus in the late seventies and suspected in several others mayor kisha lands bottom says she will fully cooperate in the investigation involving her predecessor lee are reminded of the importance of the open.

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