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Next eight ten months given that any large minor already had everything planned out since last year in terms of purchasing a building their capacity So i don't see too many chinese miners making it intelligent. Tina given that. If there's an operation that was planning to have power by this time. They probably already have minors to fill capacity In terms collocation It's i don't see it as a core business in argentina given how complicated it as import things The thing is if you're doing collocation you'd have to import the miners a monetary value on them. justify payment out or a payment in or what's happening with the transaction is in terms of allocation was. You can't send minor were free. we're just gonna plug them in and start writing. We have to justify why those miners are being imported. What's going to happen with them. What the transaction and right now. There isn't basically the scaffolding for that to import minors for free and say no. I'm selling them the service of plugging in maintaining them and having the minder so in terms of argentina. I don't really see it as a possibility Legal standpoint and from a business standpoint either. Awesome what. I'm going to throw the same question to you. What's it been like when you guys are bringing chinese miners in china's capitalist i'm looking at venezuela of places you operated a has generally been kind of a welcoming from an industry standpoint or from your standpoint from dr minor. Sem has competition or you just welcoming them to the space just as another Bitcoin minor who securing the network. Yeah i mean for for also being a beat Over many times for trying to make venezuela associate obesity was mine location not all international people also venezuelan people of people. Some of them. Maybe listen to me. Now as i'm gonna conceded to be stubborn about it. I think that the chinese miners virginity. Here i am. Now we're gonna get fifty percent twenty percent of the chinese trade. But i think some percentage say at least five percent maybe ten can. It can be surprising. Debenham our ghosted this. We're gonna deploy now we're gonna we're gonna start itself vests woodson chinese miners a sneak. Zest seeks explain months connecting them at scale at least and we do have construction going on right now mining Instruct right now. We voted be ready by the end of this year. That is meant to be available for chinese hot or any other international Unexpectedly we have many a lot of interest from european miners investors and also american minor. Somebody getting These raw so at the end i will. I'm in a moment. i'm like a up. More bowery smarter smarter off. Australia's margaret than a buyer's market. Chinese miners are swells the For extremely cheap prices even by evening that she was pricing the orleans Is he tried to negotiate and get the best. The most benefits out obese is like everybody will do. But i mean me once which was squeezed as much as possible but fortunately of having other western investors that i may do turned him down or turned out there offers in the ending to museo case. You're right except offer. And because they were saying i just took assassin. Ccf closer and then i found out that yet hustler debut for cheap prices are strictly gloser china. But they don't have that much capacity much excess capacity available within that has at least a thousand thousand five Edgewise so for me these tests. I was e you chinese fighters hoppy what we do i think. We'd reminder and a wheel of Things that the government regulator expecting international investors. We don't dr been every everytime so chinese by it'd be writing to the Racal they've all received the media fees shimane day. They they offer mother Everything that they needed to be so it'd be suffering them. Easily is government is open for international investors. Because they know. This industry is one of the students that are making on creating or Come for the country. And they know that private companies limited positi growing but if you've never read international investors weekend spun foster and produce more Transformer resources Artificially so all of these things in all these also league the framework that i already clarified that i understand we are. Executed successfully steel in my mind may blaze for china's hush rates. V besuited installed by why also wheels work away. Whereabouts starts with far far white destined market there. And it's not as cheap off chinese flying. Israel's to makes Once both otherwise. Roy average price do balls and industrial sites to see is you were spare for me. Also verify the and the After china is instead narrates gauges. Yeah no yeah exactly. I think. I think that might be one of the biggest misconceptions. That fact might be one of the biggest misconceptions in terms of all this hash rate. Leaving china like. There's it along among a lot of some miners but mostly just crippled people. In general they. God will everything that leaves. China's gonna come to the us in canada. And that's definitely not the case Some like it's not only as it spread acros are they wanting to spread their machines across a bunch of different different jurisdictions the us canada different countries in latin america eastern europe parts of africa But some of it. Just don't want any of it in the us or canada For for different reasons. I guess we're coming up here close to time and i know we'll has one final question. He wants to wrap up before we get to that. I kind of want to squeeze a little bit of a free alpha. Have you guys In a way. I wanna know like we've talked about a ton of different angles of latin american mining's civically in venezuela argentina. And i wanna know like what is what is the biggest Biggest unrealized opportunity are unexploited. Opportunity for minors in venezuela argentina or elsewhere in latin america. That people aren't really talking about aren't really noticing and i realized maybe you don't wanna give too many specifics if you're if you're working with it With it now but just at a high general level was the biggest unrealized opportunity. That people aren't really taking notice of four miners. nickel.

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