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Tyler. The superman of blue and with me is my best as pow my friend of the other part of ohio. The one the only mr james cole. The super bowl by best friend. Welcome james to this wonderful night. We're going to have fun. Like i'm really excited to talk this We are starting. We're gonna talk kingdom come but we're going to do this issue by issue and we're going to do a monthly kind of like how they they released it. Because i feel the more i read this book the more i get out of it the more like i talked before on the podcast about how i always identify more the writer and i always go to the words and i look at the art but i feel like the more. I read certain books. I started studying the art more. And more and i found that when i was rereading this and i haven't read this used to read it a lot at least once a year and i was thinking about today. I think the last time i read kingdom come was maybe six five to six years ago. It's when i met mark waid. And i had him amid marquait twice the first time i had him sign the kingdom. Come the second time having do superman birthright choice. Either either way around. It was just the book that i could get to the first and the second time is when i asked if i could do an interview with him so you know. The first time i was more nervous sounds good since the podcast was more superman focused. I thought well if i had the nerve to medium again and talk to him birthright. It'd be what i'd want to have in my hand So yeah kingdom. Come it if you don't know what this book is. I highly recommend checking it out. It is on dc infinite. That's actually where. I have pulled up because my signed copy by mark waid is packed away. As we're approaching our move james win was the first time you read this do you. You know trying to remember how. Many years ago i've thought about Because i didn't read it earlier. I didn't read it back when it first came out. I feel like. I wouldn't it as much if i were to read it when it first came out right and i read it because of because you know because of the hype around it being such a sport but it.

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