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Inbound Douglas Bridge coming from the Suitland Parkway is in fact closed. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Well, let's check in live with Storm Team four is Lauren Rickets as we are about 24 hours away from the inauguration, Lauren what will the weather be like for the next couple of days? Well, it's pretty calm. And that's how it's been. For the past few days. We've got temperatures today that are gonna continue to rise to write into the upper forties Lower fifties. Yesterday we hit 48. It was a little breezy outside today, we have a little bit of a breeze as well. And we've got a mix of sun and clouds kind of similar to yesterday but again. Is the touch warmer today than yesterday. Now, Tomorrow Big story wins when you're gonna be gusting up to 35 40 miles an hour today there in about 10 to 20 mile in our range to put in perspective, so gusting to 35 40 Miles an hour temperatures tomorrow on Lee at 40 degrees, So that means when shells stain in the twenties and low thirties, and we'll have some sunshine around for tomorrow and maybe even a floating flurry or a passing snow shower. It will be a light. If we see anything Thursday Friday, dry temperatures are gonna be back in the mid top of 40. He's partly cloudy Saturday and Sunday dry plenty of sunshine Saturday and Sunday and much colder temperatures in the upper thirties. If you want snow, you gotta wait until possibly possibly next Monday. Temperatures out there right now we're coming in at 40 here in Washington, Vienna coming in at 39, Fort Meade at 38. In Manassas at 39 as well and Lauren 39 degrees here in Friendship Heights. Brought to you by new look home design. They make getting a new roof easy. W T O V. A 10 22 for the last 30 Years, an organization in Arlington that helps families of troops who have died has taken part in the inaugural parade..

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