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Remember him telling me when we first started very first of the year, but kid Chernick sent him down, but boys pretty good depends. And that was a waiver exempt issue and they had other guys under contract to but they've solved the problem. If you're gonna call it solving it by having a rotation of the seventh fleet or Kuku is the eighth. Conditioning games. Yeah. Done in a good way that shirt ACS emergence has forced the hand of the organization. Tonight covert six. Yeah. Girardi sits tonight. Yeah. And that to doing it. It must be very hard on a guy like slavery cuckoo because the kids are pretty good player in just hasn't gotten in the lineup when he did. I thought he played pretty well. And but the depth the depth. Bobby eight solid defense me is so important when we get closer to the playoffs. They're going to need it in the plan. Absolutely. I think it goes as well to guys like Danny Martell slide it in for three games on the road trip. He had an impact in that. Thank Hoover gave way big time. So I don't think that they really want to have to lose any player potentially on waivers sow the Bill or injury with Kuku going after conditioning means the now they actually have one extra spot. Yeah. In addition to with Joseph coming up, I are and being in the lineup tonight. So they little bit of regal row. But they only got that Rigaud because unfortunately, Miller got hurt. Well, that's the that's what so good about this team the depth. We've been saying it up here for sure the depth on this team is incredible. Unless you lose two rows eight two of our top top guys in people know who the top guys are you can be the judge of us to to.

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