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Is the only and the should william that is healthy there chad because of you the kensit view is saint change pt eight where facts matter stephanie miller oh hobbling our of spoke about it michelle laura it's like you're you're like look at that like you give them the douro do it you you the low go do it all right fifty two minutes after the hour coffee with amazon rocky at this point republicans are just trying to whether it's in his cabinet or whatever just trying to stop trump from killing us all donald trump might soon toss the iran nuclear deal back to congress decide its fate but it's no sure thing the lawmakers would kill it for good critics of the obama era agreement 'cause the black i did it so you can led by the president himself appear to be on a mission to take the accord naysayers in congress vowing to take advantage of fasttrack mechanism that would allow lawmakers to reinstate sanctions against iran with a simple majority vote okay i don't idiot every expert says this is working yes it is work while congressional republicans unanimously opposed the nuclear deal two years and years ago there's far less unity on how quickly the gop led congress to move to snap back sanctions that were lifted as part of the iran agreement uh the choice could land on capitol hill later this month of trump declines to serve fight a deadline that are mine iran is complying i swear to guys like all of this is connected how close smaller is right yeah it was the iranians that didn't cyber attack on our election that right yes there so the rush the reference there so reflexively against anything obama did even if it is proven success i did it get rid of it and i swear to just wants to increase his chances of nuclear war with either iran or north korea to distract nuclear weapons don't kill people people kill paper charles guilty right okay speaking of something black i did trump administration to expel fifteen cuban diplomat in response to.

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