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Beat you said demonstrating his amateur butchering amateur getting paid for this isn't he it's not you're not is a professional who's butchering professional but if i do something in the like like in the course of my job like i'm i'm not a professional typist could i do have to type and that is part of my profession okay fine he's professional butcher so the toads amid a strong odor as they're pulled apart it's a pretty tough job but it's interesting mr rita's chuckled two thousand kilometers south at the harvey bait factory the refrozen chunks of cane toad are fed into a noisy machine two kilometers south yeah it's a long distance ascend they totally those together that's so weird yeah there roughly up there and then worker rob brazelle appraisal is responsible for adding a crucial ingredient a strong nausea inducing chemical that'll make any animal that eats it temporarily sick so we'll take the flake towed meat and put it in the mixture minster machine we'll we'll be mixing it with the thiabendazole which is a nozzle dusing agent then it'll be minced out in a finer grain before we put it through the sausage making process again we shouldn't have asked how the sausage is made but now here we are the sausage is then sent north again and loaded into helicopters for distribution at theatre station the timing's critical is us just to be fed to the calls just prior to the to the first game arriving in the area the researchers take turns flying robinson forty four hill copter again needless details tossing the sausages out into the dense bush below the problem if you don't draw anything out of a helicopter and the kimberley is that there are lots of things the problem if you do drop anything after there are lots of things that wanna eat it typically lou afternoon we'll be dropping them out of the helicopter some calls eight the toads but there was not a large enough sample taken for the findings this time around to be conclusive this very unsuccessful study the they did successfully do is mainly and distribution doesn't taste good there's an incredibly successful salsa experiment and unsuccessful quell and crossing thousands of kilometers back and phrase to each step of making bizarre like you might have had it could've you might have has much of the nice by going up to each one by one and going like no she'll just a picture of a cane toad with it goes busters cross no you don't want it like another yes maybe series of propaganda posters keep calm and doni kato that those out see how that takes qualls right when do we have the newsreels going oh popular cane toad area you might be tempted to eat it but don't at least wait a couple of weeks for the nest poisonous wants to come through shot of the kuala president waving visuals figured out i love it thank you just as always the king of the qualls has a stouter and his word about the this who trains close to speak well how do you gem mobile's qualls mount all right so yeah anybody's ever tried cane toad sausage email is probably about a comment the heart tastes priest think obviously i don't know if it's a delicious meat before you put the chemical in or what does your share it is send us senate some citizen kane tope meat i mean i question even eating airdrop it can't you just drive a truck through there and throw crates of it off the back or something i think they just want do stunts of some kind they did yeah trouble of list the the make and model of and everything they just want to go on a helicopter this is all an excuse for these guys to get up into that was offensive reelection that's why.

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