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This ready. Now, we have in studio with this Fox News contributor and cardiologist and fair hater. Dr Kevin Campbell's in with us. So if you have any creepy medical questions, you could fire those off I apologize last week. I didn't realize until when you're on last week and about about the half hour, Mark my Email, just stop working. So it was after the show got done. All of a sudden about an hour later. I get all these questions for you. So did Ross answer. No, no, no, no, no. We we let Dr Google answer and three listeners are dead. So, but we'll hopefully it'll be up and running as always you can call them in as well. And we'll get some science. He type stuff where he is the hour unfolds. Couple things going on. Of course, the weather has I didn't I didn't realize how many school districts were not in in in session today. There was no traffic competitive to the studio this morning. It was really creepy. Yeah. Well, it's also very good for our numbers. So so league didn't go to school today. Either right day off. Oh, good. And we're guessing probably tomorrow too. Because why not? Just a really kind of okay. The state fair to this was to be kickoff day. They have what and pushed that back. I don't think rains as big of an issue is the wind out there. But you know, we're going to have some once this goes through some phenomenal weather if you want to go to the state fair this weekend, and you can deal with like walking around when it's seventy degrees. It'll be an absolute zoo over there. But it'll be a lot more comfortable. It's been in past years. And apparently you're going to have to a lot of walking. So, you know, you don't get fat shamed. By Dr Campbell, in fact, and four we go ahead and get into this..

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