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It's really honestly not been good for anyone. This is probably been a bad week for the Arizona Cardinals. If Kyler Murray didn't put the time in before and clearly someone thought something because this cause was in. Yeah. Is this the thing that forces him to go screw everyone? I will show you guys and I'm going to work and I'm going to win and does this does his all of his flaws being called to the public? Does this trigger something? That is kind of the thing I'm most interested in. Or does he go the opposite way? And he becomes defiant and he refuses to do what they want him to do. And now the clause. So my children again. Yeah, no kids. Trust me, we're all dealing with kids who are being defiant. But Ian, they gave him a 130 mil guaranteed. And again, they don't have an option. You can't find franchise quarterbacks. But this is a guy, Ian, who, you know, and not to knock him, but ever since he stepped on a football field in high school, he's been utterly dominant. He did not lose a game in high school. Natural ability, just dominant, gets to college and part time starter at a and M instantly, you know, it ends up transferring goes to Lincoln Riley's system and is dominant and it's like number one pick, third year in the league, they get to the playoffs, like everybody's gone, and he's like, I don't really need to study. I'm that good. But to take the next step, I think we both agree. He's got to get better as a quarterback, right? Well, if you look at the way that the last, well, one of the last two seasons, I guess, have transpired. Something has happened at the end of the season. I mean, let's just talk about this year. I don't know, maybe the best team in football, right? Would you say for the first two months, at least? 7 no? Yeah, yeah. In the conversation, right? I think not sure everybody believed it, but there were certainly winning. Something happened. And the really, really good teams will take their time, will be methodical, will plan it out, and then we'll figure you out by the end, and it's the same reason why teams sometimes go with two game plans in the Super Bowl. Because the best teams are the ones that are the smartest to know how to attack you. So something was happening at the end of the season that led them to not be as successful. Does this change this? Did Kyler Murray not studying enough lead to this? I have a million questions, but we are all going to find out. And that's what makes this so fun. You know NFL teams are smart and, you know, if you don't adapt and change, people are going to figure you out. I mean, you know, we could talk about Lamar Jackson and Greg Roman. Greg Roman and Colin Kaepernick, you know, these unique quarterbacks, they kind of, I hate to say it, figure them out to an extent.

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