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Anderson. Maguire non PR Anderson. I'm with Robbie Anderson, Damian Williams. Probably going to come out on Amy Williams side, he's going to be painted the but this week. He's pretty good been. We just don't know you watch him play. And he's good gets like ten carries without Spencer where you know. I think he still gets ten even with Spencer ware. All right. Chris earned a lot top six tight end for everybody. And sit the DSP's in this game. The guys do not like the patriots DST Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. This is crazy. This is an updated stat from last week. Advance McDonald, ten tight ends have caught a touchdown against the Bengals all of them had five or fewer targets. This was the stat. I gave about new joke who last week. And it was eight tight ends had done it at that point. Then joke and fells both Carter touchdown last week. So ten tight ends have a talk show to get the Bengals all of them with five or fewer targets. That's why McDonald is interesting. But McDonald guys has had good matchups before and hasn't done well with them. So what is your level of confidence prevents Vince Mukti? I think he's going to have a chance to score. And it's going to be better than average and tight end at this point in the year. I will gladly take that and put it in my lineup. Cincinnati's corners have played well, their linebackers and safeties have not. And that's part of the reason. Why tight ends have had such a great track record of scoring on the Bengals. And I would imagine that the Steelers take advantage McDonald. Herndon I've got Herndon higher because I think he can get you yardage and touchdown. I'll take McDonald a non PR in her NPR and they're back to back and Jamie's rankings before bats stat of the game. Number two. It's just about the Bengals and how bad they are. They allow the most fantasy points a quarterbacks second most running backs night. Most wide receivers third-most too tight ends and second most to kickers. But I would be too nervous star Chris Boswell with that said, I mean, it's just start everybody for the Steelers right Rothlisberger. No brainer wide receiver. Yeah. I guess it's Tonio Brown had one of the best. I've seen in a long time. What do you say he put an S on the end of all of his Jersey's and took a picture of and said, who's got your Browns jerseys ready for this weekend? The raven. Nice. I like it. Yes, they do. And I kind of hope that happens I'm conflicted on that. It's really about who I wanna see in the playoffs. I'm very intrigued by this ravens team too. Yeah. Screw the Steelers win at all to. Yeah. They had their chance. They lost some games. They should one rate or Duke out. Anyway back to this game. James Connor your thoughts. How much I know. I just asked you this. But what do you expect from James Cotter? I would expect him to lead the way for the run game. Mike it pulled on some third downs for Jalen Samuel Samuels. Mike him a breather from time to time. I would ballpark him at fifteen carries. Two catches. And you're starting pretty much anybody. That's got seventeen touches are more, especially Cincinnati, right? Let's not overlook the matchup right are well mixing or Connor Connor Connor mix is going to be tough this week. Mix a little be, okay. Yes. He makes me he's my top Steelers have allowed to touch down to a running back in nine of their last eleven games. Cluding three rushing touchdowns at the saints and we'd sixteen but their run defense play pretty well right now. So it's this offense. Yeah. It is. But it's like mixing still. Pretty mixing most cases starting I'm not getting cute and starting the Brian hills of the world over but right? It's it's it's just like I would still start Damian Williams over. I'm starting James Connor over them. It's it's not gonna be easy, right? And all that came against who two weeks ago. It was a terrible thing. It will. Yeah. Last week mix in had seventy eight toy on nineteen touch at Cleveland so tougher tougher game for sure. Okay. So mixing not like we're super down on him. He's top fifteen guy. Right. I mean feelers have allowed nine rushing touchdowns..

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