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Guys need to have mardi on more often with Gary and Larry great stuff. 707 veteran listeners. You said veteran veteran listeners. Yeah. The fight. The funny part was so Marty does I can't help it. He won't admit it. That's tough year. When you're you know, and the teams going south, and you just have to keep talking week after week, but he can pull it off the take a couple calls, and we we're gonna have some fun with the the one hit wonders. So we'll ask you. The one one that jumped out at me is and this is on an official official. So we have the text line weighing five three houses. I don't think Gary started Marti's career. The question is who did and why okay six five makes a trade and rides off on a Mongoose. Larry's line of the day. That is good. You'll never get me. If you're saves and all of a sudden, go sit in a room in a thirty year old or knock on the door and say, hi, you still there, you know. Hey, David in Berkeley. Go ahead. Dave, you're on Camby are then we are going to do one hit wonders the one surprise on that list. Larry rattled off with Joe name. Good. God. I mean that guy irrevelant tonight he Super Bowl three football. You know? I didn't go too. Well, after that, it was a bunch of knees knee surgeries. And then eventually finished with the Rams. Yeah. Well, he came into football limping right? You know, he was go ahead. Dave are you healthy on gay? I I am healthy. He also revolutionized the athlete entertainer. Yes. So. The athlete left, and he just flat out had to entertain that didn't work. So. No it didn't enjoy mardi Lurie with us. I did. I actually was it. He was still in the room. I thought it'd be interesting to get his thoughts on this. So I, but I want I want your guys because. Thanks. What are you got before we run you out of here as much as members of that tribe learning? I would say what you guys are just chopped liver. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. It again. On your way out of the demographic. Let me let me just run this three when you guys can just go at it. If you want thank you as I'm listening to your comments about who. Should they go for an and what's one surprise? And I'm listening to the idea that tomorrow tomorrow or next year's another building years. What if instead of looking at the top that we talked about not stepping aside, but bringing in someone like Mike Metheny now, I already broke that story about three weeks ago. Larry woods. Just hammering me. And I said Mike Metheny caught for the giants. Get a good job in Saint Louis is always I question what happened there with the cardinals. But it's not. Guys. We're talking about you know, about the manager. It's not about the manager. It's not Boccioni. Didn't do anything wrong this year. He he was handed at outfield that is far and away the worst outfield in major league baseball far and away. I mean, come on hundred pants retired. He just didn't tell anybody Gorky commanders was really good this year for gore Keyser Nandes. And and they didn't have anyone Shaw Duggar and all these Austin Slater this left-field parade of four four eight guys hasn't been very good. So they don't have an outfield. What you could have John McGraw? You could have Connie Mack. You could have Whitey Herzog. You could sparky Anderson. You you could have you anybody managing this team. It's about you have to have twenty five man roster. You got to score runs. It's what extra-base hits the list of the teams of the best most extra-base hits in baseball nine of the top ten teams are are playoff bound. And and the giants only twenty nine th and extra base hits. They have to get more dangerous and build a lineup pitching. It's not about de. It's about build a lineup of dangerous hitters, and then guess what? All these guys are going to be pretty good managing options. At that point. A dave. I'm sorry. You came in here and got buried by. Larry. I I enjoyed you. All right. Oh, here's Andrew in Texas with a different line of attack. What part of Texas Andrew? Yes. So here's my question. Andrew what part of Texas? Are you in? I live in Colleen, Texas where Fort Hood is Fort Hood. Okay. Yeah. Near near near Austin. We've been there. Hot Austin is the place to be. But my fear you gotta speak. You don't care about. Don't you? A place to be awesome. The place to be for who know often is definitely the place to be exactly in Texas. As a California transplant. The the culture shock is much easier transitioning to Austin that it would be say, Dallas hilarie. Why you move the damn taxes? Correct. The military. Yeah. Okay. Well, whatever. There. You just said it you want to attack a man that has not been attacked go ahead. It's not an attack. I guess what? I'm afraid of is. You know, you guys are thrown out all these great names for GM candidates. And they're great candidates. But my fear is you know, what candidate who has great candidate. Whereas their pick of jobs. He's gonna wanna come to a place where the two previous GM's are still employed in the organization, you know, even if they're given the title of oh, you're in charge. You're the top. I I I agree with you. And that's why you maybe what you have to wait and see if it's a big powerful guy then. Yeah. Then maybe hey, I want I don't even wanna look at sage face. Young guys trying to get in. There isn't going to have to say, I don't wanna look at saving. I don't wanna look it happens though. A lotta time. It happens a lot. Name Colletti when he took over the dodgers GM job stained cast, and was was still there from the previous regime, and I I believe it's it's not as uncommon as you would think many of these GM's are in the background. But I hear you. I mean, that's why I asked franey is the person who's going to be hired going to have total control. Or is he gonna have Larry Baer whispering? What you know what? No, no, we want. We don't want to go too long too young because we need to sell tickets today. And then he's got Sabin over here going. You know, what I would do it this way because I believe in pitching and defense. I mean is this person can have autonomy to come in. I think that's really the key. I think if savings there, it's okay. As long as the guy's got total autonomy. Andrew you want honesty, three bigwigs who just contributed gigantic sums of money to come in and sit with Larry and I have walked in the room. Gary don't be don't we'll just trying to focus on the person on the line..

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