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A stephen in boise idaho steven you're on the michael medved show taking my call i think you'll get some this up it sounds to me christopher wrong that people who play video games do so because they wanna feel confident doing something they think is useful instead of like too lazy to actually learn how to do something useful that they could be constant out my right well i'm not sure that's always true i'm people like video games for all reasons where we're talking about is a distinction between people who like video games and people may be addicted to them do you think that's a valid distinction quote addicted or the people that are too lazy to actually learn how to do something competently competent that's useful when you agree not necessarily now because a for instance this guy that they're describing in this article in the guardian appears to have had a job he was competent enough together enough to get a family not everyone who is going to be addicted to gaming as living in mom's basement and taking disability though by the way that of course is an interesting question that sean in albany oregon is raising sean go ahead yeah i like you said the europeans have recognized is a disease are i believe there could be a push there's already in the law that like you can get a handicap permit for anything that you can qualify for disability for so now are you going to qualify for disability like for gaming now like you can for flat feet nps td and then sit all my might get disability while quote unquote being treated by the way this is one area where the trump administration is at least begun to take a look at it we've been moving more and more under president obama and the direction of scandinavia in terms of taking out huge chunks of our workforce by allowing claims of disability and disability for all kinds of things now obviously if you disability if you have if you're disabled because you fall off a roof and you can't work anymore.

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