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In the wsb twenty four hour news center would wsb's top stories this half hour turns out there one in the same authorities in atlanta's say the body found in the chattahoochee river earlier this week is that of the sixweek missing cdc epidemiologist atlanta police major michael o'connor and he was wearing his favorite jogging shoes at the time that he was found i can't tell you that he was jogging but those things together seemed to indicate that that's a possibility foul play not suspected in the death of tim cunningham crazy stuff was crazy what kind of world we live in days three dead in a murder suicide in lumpkin county man apparently follows his wife or girlfriend from florida tracks her down at her sister's house shoots them both dead and injured a sixteen year old and a two year old before killing himself the suspect has been identified as kelly macdonald junior of tampa florida we lived across the street and there was a big plays hughes blaze two dozen horses killed in a massive stable fire in clayton county it happened noah's ark road a charter buys headed to the masters flips injuring several people the driver charged with dui eighteen passengers on board the bus it was a scary ride from the time they left the hotel here in atlanta they said that this had happened on two occasions previously from a trip to atlanta where the driver had gone off the right side of the roadway and brought it back on to the lanes of travel and this time he went too far off the roadway when he overcorrected it calls that bus to spin turnover the georgia state patrol chris ryan identified the drivers sixty one year old stephen hop and brower from buford he's charged with dui failure to maintain lane and no seatbelt sabrina cuba wsb president donald trump has instructed the us trade representative to consider slapping a hundred billion dollars in additional tariffs on chinese goods the news comes a day after beijing announced plans to tax fifty billion dollars in american products including soybeans and small aircraft in response to a us move earlier this week to slap tariffs on fifty billion dollars in chinese imports wsb.

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