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Let's go longer, so we can push some of the majority of your money and we're gonna give you guarantees. We want you to be our quarterback toe when we have a signed a larger portion. Of a salary cap to give you and the number is higher because you're mentioning what's happening the next two years, and that's accurate. But at the same time with all these players, a lot of them outside of Patrick Mahomes are fighting is I want a new opportunity for a contract. Around the age of 30. Not on the wrong side of 30, right? Most of these guys, I think Josh is going to be 25 May. How do I know that? I think that birthday's tomorrow. Is it tomorrow? It's right around here. It's late. May. Yeah. Yeah, we're super sensitive to this kind of stuff here. I think waiting for him to send me a text about the actual day of his birthday. How do you know this tomorrow, But like all these guys are, like, you know, 25 range. They're gonna want a chance for another pain because you know if you look at where they all stand They all know the money is going up. They all know the new deals are kicking in. Well, the thought process. Usually at the position is I want another deal at 30 and not the wrong side of 30 so I can get another big contract. As opposed to what Patrick Mahomes did. So That's the back and forth because you're right. Some of these teams want to go a little bit longer, but some of these players do want to go shorter so they can get paid again because the market might be entirely different. When you're locked into one of these deals, long term, you start seeing people pass you You know you're better than that's kind of something that irritates a lot of players. Yeah, and the creativity behind the Chiefs deal with Pat Mahomes. It's unprecedented, really, But it is. It's a 10 year deal, and it does average 50 year when he's got a lot of incentive, a lot of guarantees in it, but he doesn't really receive too much money until the back end of the day. At least five years into this deal, or six years into this deal, he gets some $60 million balloon payment in 2027. That's a long way out, but he does get a ton of money guaranteed How creative, you know. Do you see these teams being, particularly when they can go to the players and legitimately say, Listen? Pandemic crushed us. You gotta help us here and depend. I guess it depends on every guy individually how receptive they are to that, But I think all for these deals could be lucrative. For all four of these quarterbacks, but they all look could look really different. Yeah, That's that. That's the thing that's changed with the Mahomes deal is, we're the last question. I was kind of answering sense of that was the structure right? And that's what most guys wanted, and that's how it usually go. And you were seeing deals. Just going. Like, all right, like Let's break this down. And the Adam Schefter Z and wrap reports are telling all of us that, you know. Well, this has two million more guarantees, and you know this. It just it just you just Each guy just by a little as the deals get done, But now there's another avenues to explore. If you remember when Russell Wilson was going through his negotiations, he was trying to get a percentage of the salary cap, which is an avenue. Nobody wanted to go down, but he wanted to get a percentage of what the cap was. No team really wanted to do that. But the point is That deal and the discussions that went on there and him, forcing the Seahawks and to the Mahomes deal, toe everything. The thought process is more outside the box now than it was in the past, and I think because of the pandemic Everybody is getting more creative because of even those deals that happened before the pandemic. Things air not entirely in the same structure that I described earlier. So you're right. They could be entirely different because they also are different players in different types of organizations and different playing style. So, yeah, I do think they could be different, And that's gonna be the interesting part if agents want to play off what they know from the other one, because they might be structuring something different than what you guys are working on and from a completely different part of the quarterback landscape. The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero long time cover, beat reporter columnist for the Dolphins. We had him on our show last week, James talking about how tricky the offense was going to be for two of this year with Cole offensive coordinators in George Godsey and Eric Students Ville and even Charlie Frye, the quarterbacks coach was gonna have some input in It just seemed like a schnozzle to me and not a good delineation of duties for a quarterback. And then he writes in his column today, after talking to some players at O T. A's Like Myles Gaskin is telling him the playbooks completely new when the plan was to complete to keep the majority of the playbook intact from the retired again, Chan Gailey. Help to us, and now he's getting a much different message from players. How gobbled and garbled can this get for for two a going forward here? Not that anybody in Buffalo is concerned, but For two is sake that that doesn't sound like a knee zero to hold there. No, it doesn't. And it was easy. Wasn't easy to digest a lot of those words, either. We were all over the map in a lot of words. I didn't think I'd hear today, but I love it. I You're right. And I actually I know area you know, George pretty well. And I've spent time with both of them. And it was gonna be an interesting set up right? And that was gonna be something we were all going to keep our eye on. But as little change is possible for young quarterbacks Is usually what you're shooting for. Wright was. We're talking at length on NFL network the other day about Justin Herbert, who likes the world on fire in his rookie season, and now he's gonna learn entirely new offense with Joe Lombardi coming in in the ST system. This off season, and now we're going to see what he can do in your two. Which is something you probably don't want to do when a guy plays really, really well, well, something else I don't really want to do when you have questions about the guy either, right? I mean, that's what you're doing. You're almost creating in my opinion. More questions about what your evaluation is of Tua. When this goes on, then you're creating answers. The same thing has happened to drew lock in Denver, where I'm sitting right now. The guys had a different offensive coordinator every year of college and the NFL. Except leading into this year. That's the first time he has the same OC twice in a row. Well, it doesn't make life very easy on a quarterback specifically when they're young in the NFL. When you keep changing things for them. Sometimes you have to and obviously in Miami they did in Denver. They did in those years, but It makes your evaluation of the player more complex because at the same time we're hearing there's reports from my buddy Albert Breer of like they could land to Shawn Watson. And and and so all right. Well, then what is my aunt? What is Houston seeing out of two of its hard for them to evaluate him as well? Right? So I think it just it does cloudy it a little bit and what you have in the player when things keep changing on him, and I think now it with those comments. It's gonna make you go. All right. Well, let's see what you can do, because this doesn't seem entirely, you know. Very easy for him Right now. Last one for me, James is about the NFL. It evolves all the time. They changed the rules. Every year. It evolves. It becomes better. The fans love it. Even more They do. We could to give the fans more of what they want less of what they don't want. And this year they're putting in 1/17 game. I see it as a stepping stone. I think they'll go to 18 games. Eventually, I think it'll be an 18 game regular season to season two game preseason and away they'll go. What do you think the biggest ripple effect will be? From a this a little bit of a seismic shift. I mean, it's been 16 games for a long, long time. Um, what do you think the ripple effects will be with the extended schedule? I am. The first one that jumps out of me is it's actually a little bit easier to make the schedule in terms of who gets what games and because Now you have more gains that are kind of your wild card games that you can throw the other. Broadcast teams, right? And so when that 17th game was added in this in this last, uh, last scheduling, you know, reports at the league office were like well, then say, say, Fox doesn't get this game and well, then we can give CBS this game but we can move this and now you can move some games..

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