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Focus on learning. Craig Della. More news Radio, 105.9 PM NEWS time. 78 traffic and weather together on the eights. Here's Claire. Till of issues. Lisa for Metro Milwaukee District, West Line Rider's trains remain stopped. This is in either direction, inbound and outbound due to a train that struck a pedestrian. Unfortunately in the Bensenville areas, no service. At the moment, uh, you'll have to plan on extra time. Officials tell us to anticipate extensive delays. So we'll let you know what to expect. And when. Eden's Your Great Kennedy out. Clear. Inbound. Still heavy from the Hubbard Street tunnel coming into the Jane Byrne, 23 coming in from O'Hare. It's 13 off the junction improving here bit by bit on the inbound. Eisenhower had nerve. Your vehicle fire was a bad one at 83 blocked a couple of lands. I've got the fire out, and they've told it. Still heavy, 3 55 to the scene 47 minutes to get downtown from 3 90 It's 30 and from Mannheim upon 18 back to Mannheim. And 31 23 90 but no Stevenson issues for you. You've cleared up Nicely on 55. And finally some relief here an issue we've been talking about since the three o'clock hour. He had police activity, an ongoing investigation. The block The inbound and Ryan ramp exit to 75th following a shooting so that exit ramp has been re opened. The investigation's been wrapped up. You're still a heavy 83rd to 75th 20 minutes to get downtown from 95th but know Alp on delays it all on the Ryan. Looking good on I 57 as well as the bishop Ford Lakeshore Drive to all of your tollways. Easy. Come easy. Go and checking and find in Indiana. That's everywhere. Next traffic reports 7 18 news ready of 7 81 of five point out of them. Thank you for the forecast again. A severe thunderstorm Watch until 11 o'clock for southeast Wisconsin. And for us tonight, potential for two systems roll.

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