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And what is their story this is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista as skinny today's Gourmet Tommy Yellow Tabah Kinda guy so when you walk with a computer it's over my head but the guys that we have in the in the girls that we have helping us out and Wonderful Way to do it I've never thought about voting and going. Hey what do you what does everyone else thing guy one what about a book do you have a favorite book that you would suggest that is we stick with his Joshua Fantastic and I love that I wanna I wanNA interview her now and say hey how she's nine years Newstalk here and how lucky you are to have her with you still fantastic great I'd love to meter someday let's talk a little bit about an important lesson you've learned in looked at it that way right and what is that there's that quota a setback is just you know really getting you ready for your comeback that's right I think that's true well I'm glad that into this year like Okay Christopher Maher view me for this podcast I hope I get this across to the listeners but maybe we haven't asked you that is that is there one thing that you'd like to share with us well. I love it if they'd call me I love an honest answer that's great the more work the Merrier we'd certainly like to double the number of cruise right I think if mm by getting that drone work done and I love what you said about pipelines to that's that's huge industry right now big industry I think that's a great help you out Peter Wolper and he's with Thurman cam. USA thank you so much for sharing this time with us I appreciate it I know it goes by fast doesn't it does gone fast but we really appreciate. sharing your story we wish you much success in the future and if anyone's looking for any drone work give him a call and he's a ready for you tomorrow he can be there right okay feeder. Thank you so much I appreciate you it's time now to announce our community MVP and this week's MVP is the Midland Chamber of Commerce they recently held they're twenty nineteen annual meeting the community enjoyed an evening of dinner drinks and dancing local businesses and community leaders had a chance to reflect on the there's accomplishments honor all of the amazing volunteers and share goals for the future this sold out event was the very first event to be held in the new forty three million dollar Barbara and George H W Bush Convention Center which is absolutely incredible when you come to town you need to go see it it is beautiful so adulation to this week's community MVP Midland Chamber of Commerce and if your local business go join the chamber they are fantastic organization right another special thank you to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian perspective and thank you so much for sharing this time with you as always I appreciate you choosing premium perspective whether driving to work or you're listening on your morning walk wherever you're at thank you for being here and I'd love to hear from you if there's a guest you would love to hear from just send me an email or contact us and we will definitely get that guest on the show for you once again this concludes this episode of Permian Perspective the story behind the oil and gasoline offers in the Permian Basin remember my motto Dream Big and believe in yourself you make it a great day hey guys we have a couple of OBGYN events Ondeck for the next month jeans next Houston Happy Hour will be on October twenty night at the Canon for four to six as always portion of the proceeds will go toward redeemer industries to fight human sex trafficking at this happy hour we'll be discussing the process of taking a startup from simply an idea to obtaining the first purchase orders the panel discussion will include Saudi Aramco Ventures Shell Ventures and lovie SEF enters eternal energy and well diver our next Denver happy hour will be on November six join us for food drinks and alive podcast that we will announce at a later date a portion of this events proceeds will go to local charities Day Pals Denver and oilfield helping hands okay now to the events on deck the tomorrow less oil and Gas Summit two thousand nineteen will be on October third.

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