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Hi i'm unilateral channel twelve in tel aviv. I'm jonathan freedland of the guardian in london and we are unholy from ketchup. Podcast to jews on the news tie. Jonathan hello how you doing. I'm okay you know. Give everything that's been going on in israel this week. I had attempting career change to offer you if you're You have to be a little open minded but you may want to be first in the prime minister rotation you know. Netanyahu has been Handing these offers out to Few people maybe we could set you up. Will he's offering it to everyone else. I'm i was beginning to feel a bit coming. My chop liver about this. Why was the call not coming to be in rotation the problem is if it was a you and me. I would be very relaxed about that. You know who rotating we take turns leading. I'd i'd be. I you know i started be second relaxed. But we'd netanyahu you feel unless the table you sign the deal on is itself nailed down to the floor. You wouldn't believe a word he would say but obviously the. I must be if i'm going to do this. I must go first. Because then i can control all the levers and appoint till the people to prevent what would happen. Which is bbc. Finding some way to undo the agreement we'd made would that be good enough diaby. If i as long as i mailed everything would. I be wise to this the you know. I just think it's such a uh. Of course the answer is yes and i think it's just such great story. I mean. just think about it right. I mean it's guardian columnist his rayleigh prime minister that is a reverse ferret if i remember correctly and very nice deployment strictly speaking. It's not strictly speaking river. But i think we're actually could be because it would be me reversing my previous position. Yeah okay exactly and just think of how. This would be the greatest. Excuse for you i did. Do you know my column. Didn't get in downtime. Because i'm in the israeli prime minister. I didn't watch this this. Because i am the israeli prime minister. I think it's fits wonderfully love the way. Your joke is predicated on the assumption that it is ridiculous for columnist. A weekly newspaper columnist on a british newspaper to become prime minister. Prime minister right..

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