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Unlike warming up getting a close, look, and I person look at the uniforms like on the left shoulder of navy's uniforms. I could see all the different patches they each wearing. And then a photographer for navy was like, oh, they get to pick those. It's not what unit they're going to. But it just they have a sibling or a dad or mom or somebody who served in that unit where it means something to them because I have a friend in night unit. Like these little details. You could see up close very cool, and then just getting to talk to the people on the sidelines. Like, some of the students are combat camera the cheerleaders, the mascots, and like getting to pull them aside real quick and just for my own like, what's your deal? What's this? What's that? Like just get that was so cool. I should definitely mention because I get this question all the time car or the chew leaders at army navy or. Are they civilians? They just hire for the games. No the chillier were army navy or students at each school, which I think blows people away because they are attractive people and people just assume army navy if people are going into the military, everybody's ugly. But that is certainly not the case. And then keep and Brin to I want to get your thoughts on this to being on the field and seeing the different flyovers Kate, obviously you've seen military aircraft before being in the marines. But what was that feeling for both view like to see the flyovers before the game? For me. I went the flowers were always, I I was like I could stand here all day and just watch flyovers on it. But when they each team dropped the parachuters out from their airport. I'm gonna say it wrong. But my behold wasn't size of a KP? I was like oh my God. They're going to what if something goes wrong the whole time. I was like the side myself until they both that was a weird analogy about my butthole. I'm sorry. One. Anyway, it was gonna take fire we'll usual I'll get to cut you off. From my perspective. I looked at it from the parachuters point of view. How awesome it has to be to be that guy getting to parachute into a stadium as an announcer says your name over the PA Mendy entire stadium going crazy, giving you applause and you land on midfield. I mean goosebumps just thinking about like if that was made they'll be so. Yeah. Yeah. And then you got the invocation which is not something that happens before college pro games. Typically, you have a chaplain out there, saying an invitation to eighty thousand people, and I thought his words were very powerful. And then President Trump, you know, whatever you think about President Trump. I don't think it matters here because he is still coming to this game as the commander in chief and the commander in chief doesn't just show up to every football game on every Saturday. So I think that is definitely one other factor that makes this game. Pretty cool. What did you guys think about President Trump? And the invocation. He finally visited a battlefield. Yeah. It's you know, we all have our own whatever. But I do think the history of it's cool that it's the only game where the entirety of both student bodies attends that the president attends that all these really amazing people like General Mattis was there too. That was explained eight he got a huge route of applause when his name was announced said President Donald Trump, and then when the announcer said General Mattis, he he probably got about like seventy five percent of the applause that Trump did which is like pretty huge. Yeah. It was definitely recognition indefinitely like positive like people that don't. Yeah. Yeah. It's definitely cool to be there for that. To watch it up close. And then obviously the game the game kicks off. And army has a great I drive so much. So that I was getting riled up and getting chirped by the navy prep school football team who is standing on their side because we are staying on the navy sideline. And they had some choice words for me. Which was I thought not very becoming of young officers to be. That's neither here cons behind them. Fuck himself..

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