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Get a precision AC tune up for only $69. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the 8s to the WTO traffic center and rich hunter. All right, if you're traveling on the beltway in Virginia, they are working on the interlude between one 23 and the dolls toll road two right lanes get you by a brief tap and breaks. That's it. There's another work sound further up on the inner loop of the beltway right near the exit for the George Washington park by however they are on the shoulder so all lanes are open, but as you come around the curve pass towards town pike, you're gonna get this bright light in your face so please be careful over there. I'm speaking from experience. So use caution. On the beltway in Maryland, adelup just passed kennel worth avenue work shown in a single left lane interloop just after route one headed toward the green bell metro station, single right lane block to the work center. Over on the bay bridge, westbound span you're down to a single left lane to the construction, then as you get on to the annual county side of the shore, the works unset up between sandy point state park and route to Richie highway down to a single right lane to that milling and paving project, working on two 70 north and south near Bucky's town pikes at 31 single left language by each direction there is a work center in Germantown, northbound two 70, the exit two Germantown road, that off amp is close, you follow the post to detour to get around that closure Virginia, 66 years found staging the work now between two 34 suddenly run 29 in centerville single right lane gets you by down to a right land again as you approach and pass through 50, then as you approach and pass not least to right lanes get you by the work so westbound between nutley and one 23 single right lane gets you by and then between the fairfax county park playing 29 cent interval, there you go by the word two lanes to the right. Set down 28 southwestern boulevard single left lane to the construction northbound between Willard road and route 50 and chantilly works on blocks a single right lane rich hunter W tubby traffic. Storm team four is Amelia Draper. After another hot and humid day today, we're in for mild and muggy conditions tonight with Lowe's in the low to mid 70s under mainly clear skies. For tomorrow steamy and very hot, low to mid 90s feel more like 100 with tropical humidity levels

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