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Dot EDU. Here's Bob moon. Tom Jonathan good morning. Here's what's making news in science, technology, engineering and math when you think about it. It's understandable. Those scientists and engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion laboratory in the hills above Los Angeles where a bundle of nerves heading into yesterday's landing attempt on Mars after all the descent of the insights spacecraft was one of the most complex Nassar's ever tried and around half the previous attempts ended in failure. Nasa calls, no joy JPL yesterday. There was plenty to celebrate touchdown confirm. And for anyone who's become jaded about space exploration. Chief engineer, rob manning is not willing to take the advancement of mankind's knowledge for granted. And all that hard work, begets more hard work now that we're on the surface of Mars. We have a lot of work to go Nassar's. Elizabeth Barrett says I I need to confirm the health of the space craft, and then they take the wraps off the packaging that won't be finished. Until will have Christmas is entire process. Just getting the instruments to the ground takes approximately two to three months that includes deploying seismometers to check for earthquakes. Sorry Morris quakes, which will be good thing to know before any humans venture there. The craft is also carrying a mechanical mole if you will burrow beneath the planet's red crust and take its temperature by measuring heat coming from the core. They hope to reveal clues to how Mars was formed and by extension perhaps figure out the beginnings of our own blue planet. That's the Bloomberg NJIT stem report, Tom Jonathan thanks so much.

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