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This is it said volley it's been nice knowing you guys thanks for a rethink ed lee said in have to go into the well white said foggy had an idea just with the youngest one foggy bent down low and begin saying something to one of the mites near the bottom of the king follow their little fellow are hungry are you the kids can hear what the one might was saying put foggy seemed happy with the response and if you are so hungry how are you going to be and there's only a few of us but so many of you don't you deserve to save of it for yourself foggy dense stood up to begin talking to another of the writhing bites hello their little fellow he said but could you tell me what is three hundred thirty three plus three hundred thirty four finn could see would foggy was doing trying to distract the individual mites so they would stop functioning as one break give them different ideas he whispered foggies plan to volley allies okay let's do it said volley at all of these wars and meg began speaking to the individual mites slowly the might king started to lose its wunderlist the began to collapse in on itself and spilled down into a pile as the explorers kept talking to each might individual okay said meg lay it's now or never never is cool with me said voller but meg had already grabbed him by the waste inflow him up over the vessel bites pence straight to the well uh let's get this over with said volley slowly lowered violate down into the well.

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