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Innovation leadership. That's more recently. But I have to tell you the story. So I started this podcast in two thousand five and I was in San Francisco, and I was driving, and I was just still learning everything about sex, because I came into it like all I knew was like sex could be a lot better than it is. I think and I just started interview. Appeal about sex and relationships. So you happen to be NPR, and I believe you being interviewed about why we love. And I remember I pulled off the road. I grabbed a piece of paper that I just started. I was like, so blown away because I had never heard about the three types of love, I was just it was so new to me to learn about lust and an attachment and craving and all those things and I was just I think I still have the piece of paper because I don't throw anything away. But then I just got all your books. I started reading about you, and just I was like, you know, and then just we've heard really I mean, I mean you're, you really are pioneer. Everyone just all my friends. I can't believe you're talking. Thank you for taking the time. You and we had a good time if you years ago. At the moment, we were both at a match because I know you do such amazing work for match dot com or your adviser for them. And we were speaking in an event, it was a very interesting panel it was Helen and myself and Patti Stanger the matchmaker and pres- Hilton, and the flavors were talking about the, the match panel. And then afterwards we, we were just talking. I dismember feeling like we were both women who chose not to have kids, absolutely no. Never wanna do. No. And you're okay with that. You're I'm not only okay was it? But, you know, I see young women today and I, I always say to them, at least I was never disappointed that I didn't have them. In other words, a lot of women are worried that they don't want to have them, but they are frayed that down the road, they're going to get disappointed. Now it's just me, but I, I mean, I've had two men in my life, who had children, who I helped to raise, but they were already in their teens. I love teenagers. I love to be with teenagers. I mean, I love being the other woman, you know, I don't have to worry that they're not wearing socks or that they're not studying hard enough. I don't want anybody killing themselves, but it's fun to be not the mother and be sort of an older person who can give you give some advice or listen to them. So many times they say, don't tell my father and I don't tell their father, I'm building a different kind of relationship with them. And, you know, I mean, I'm an apologist is, you know, and for millions of years, you know, young people had all kinds of people. Could confide in. I mean, they lived in a little community a little hunting gathering group, and you had your mother, but you had aunts and uncles, and cousins, and older brothers and sisters, and younger people. And, you know, all kinds of people that you could talk to, and I like playing that role for the young for anybody. That's exactly it's exactly how I feel right now. Is it and now we're really missing that because I've three nieces. I all my friends kids caught my friends. Call me now. And I, I will not tell your mother, and I want never would like a great. It's like being the ant to it's the best relationship. I think that's so interesting what you're saying about it, and I would thinking that a lot lately, to how we move away from our communities and like it used to be..

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