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You mentioned case by case, let's add another layer to it because your core Bert I believe you're completely right if the Kansas City chiefs. They if they don't WanNA pay running back. Patrick. mahomes assign nobody cares right. Why wh- let's not be naive here. Why to Christian McCaffrey also get his extension and when did he get it after Cam Newton left the organization new coach comes in what's the easiest way to make sure that the fan base knows that the existing superstar isn't going to get shipped out of town the way the guy you know the last decade long superstar who was there just left. It's turn around and sign. That guy so there's a little bit of also the political goodwill there as well to counteract cam leaving town in terms of Alvin Kamara you know he's he's such a fascinating study because Sean Payton is such a bright offensive line. He knows that they can use that guy like a wide receiver. You know it's funny I think it's just a tweak in the offense in terms of you know the way they move Kamera around and get him matchups. Kindle what they did with Jimmy Graham before this. I was. GonNa say he's the running back version of Jimmy Graham. Exactly. Right. So you know what? He's I think he's what you remember who Sean Payton's first draft pick was in New Orleans No I don't. Reggie Bush. So it's it's what I think he had in mind like Alvin Kamara is what Sean Payton was trying to get when he drafted Reggie. Bush right point. Like I think and I think the depositions different in that offense you know like now he he has had more traditional backs Mark Ingram was one but he he likes to have guys that are sort of position lists. Like he'd Lineup Marques Colston. He's another example of it as a slot receiver. So Sean Payton plays offense a different way and he sort of looks at the five skill position players. It's like when I break the huddle I don't want you to know where those guys are going and Alvin Kamera's perfect for that blood. Then did did we just make the argument than against Alvin Kamara because you have a head coach who said Okay I had that match with a tight in now I got this matchup with the running back up a here's how change the offense and he figured out and they still been really productive. So is it not necessarily where the weapon is on the field? It's that you have that weapon to play with to work everyone else off. So you're saying, you don't pay him because because you look when it to the point to where they got to Jimmy. Graham where it was like dude, we're not paying you come on get out of here and they let him go they..

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