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City leoni has been getting jammed up by drivers whose traffic apps are directing them onto local streets it's been a pain for the local folks that gridlock as late this turn get over to the high school it's crazy not anymore the city has passed a law banning drivers who don't live in leona or don't need to be there from local streets if their business and leo near they can continue on their way but if they don't we're turning them around and putting them back on the main streets mayor judas ziegler says they'll start giving out ticket soon some drivers not happy this is going to back up the traffic and make it a little harder to get to work but is it legal the experts are unsure mayor ziegler says yeah it's okay to discriminate against certain drivers others say he'd better expect a court challenge and may be some road rage with locks on justice hank wind loom fox news from fox news talk here's another sound memory radio commercials have been and are popular culture since 1928 too but the decades of the fifties and sixties provided iconic performers hawking all kinds of products like four lance for gordon an honor nar an old than on mccoy all applying the cia for greece shades lead is out wow so jason horse on on fox news.

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