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By the way. Last week, we had Reggie Littlejohn on the program, talking about the vaccine passports, mandates. She, of course, the expert on child's China's, uh, child policies and human rights abuses and said she Lives here in the Baltimore metro area, and she mentioned there was going to be a gathering a meeting. Uh, tomorrow night. I wanted to to basically pointed out to you once again. It is again if you want. This is gonna be a great panel Addressing very urgent and important topic. It's the vaccinated versus unvaccinated topic, etcetera. And it will affect you eventually, if not already. So, if you have questions about vaccine passports, vaccine mandates your rights, uh, to not get a vaccine. I have one forced down your throat. You want to stop? Take some actions. Stop this madness. This event is free. Uh, and again, you can order food. It's encouraged, but it's optional. You don't have to purchase anything. It's going to be a Charles Village pub, and that's in 1000 on the right there on Pennsylvania Avenue. Tomorrow. Dinner's at 6 30. The program will start at seven and Congressman Harris is scheduled to be there contingent on his votes in D. C delegate Dan Cox of the House Judiciary Committee is running for governor. He will be there. Reggie Littlejohn, the expert on the tri calms will be there as well. Jay Valentine, developer of eBay Fraud Protection engines will be there by via video, as well as the Josh Phillips, a host of Crossroads from the epic times Television. Uh, you know, segment, he'll be there as well. And attorney at law. Jennifer Lester. We've had her on in the past regarding your rights as to if they're threatening you with vaccines at work. Etcetera, So it's going to be a great presentation. If you want to know more. I always get this question from a lot of our listeners. What can we do? How do we get more information? This is the opportunity for you to do it tomorrow night. September 21st Charles Village Pub, 19 West Pennsylvania Avenue in 1000 at 6 30 dinner. It's optional. You don't have to buy and a seven o'clock programs start so That is all the information that I have, and I promise over shirt and I have done that. It's a 23 traffic weather on the freeze. Once again with the update Here is the king of all traffic. Chuck Whittaker to 95 is slow again. 1 75 all the way down through 1 97 no reports of anything in the roadway. There was an issue earlier at the ramps at the Goddard Space Flight Center. So I'm not sure if that's still related to that or not, but be on the lookout for that very heavy traffic south beyond the outer loop is really crawling on the capital Beltway, just basically sitting still, even before New Hampshire Avenue and I looked all the way over towards route 29 very heavy traffic. That's 123. That's five lanes wide at that point gives you some idea of the very heavy traffic, new rank and rental county route 32 at 1 75 and keep him on there was erected on the shoulder, apparently But crowding and the inside lane interlude near the ramp at I 97 I'm Chuck Whitaker with trafficking, whether on the threes on talk radio 6 80 w c b m. You're the channel Forecast Sunny, dry and mild today and a high of 80. It's 59 right now. In Owings Mills, it is 59 7. And again just one more education story want to share with you just again. It's not just in Texas and I, that's all over. We've done stories here in Maryland, there's one out of Ohio Hudson, Ohio, Cleveland dot com, reporting their that members of the school board have been told to resign after they utilized and allegedly obscene instruction Guy that told students to write about X rated Disney scenarios. Or 10 euphemisms for sex or room full of people who want to sleep together or a sex scene. You wouldn't show your mom or the first time I killed a man or your favorite part of a man's body using only verbs. Blonde on and on. It goes. This is the book was called 642 things to write about. In the Hudson Mayor Craig Schubert and parents of students in the district or demanding The school board and teachers resign from the board. Because of the book used in the liberal arts to writing class, the mayor said. Quote it has come to my attention your educators are distributing essentially what is child pornography in the classroom. I've spoken to a judge this evening and she's already confirmed that so I'm going to give you a simple choice either choose to resign from this board of education. Or you will be charged. I think they should be charged anyway. And made to leave and also being either or I think they should be charged and resign or be fired for trafficking in this kind of porn. Just like that. Your mother at the top of the hour accused Lee of Leander High School in Texas of the same one of the same thing. All right. Let's get this some phone calls here this morning and let's start with Mike and Andy and Mike. Good morning. Good morning, Sean. Sean. Uh, I heard on the news that there's a time limit that John Durham Uh, is up against and I think is heard this Friday. Uh, that at all, uh, change your view on what you think might happen. Um, I think that I'd have to look into the timeframe thing. I don't know if that's when his statute runs out. I thought he served at the, uh, leisure of the Justice Department. So at any time since he was impaneled by a G. Barr. There's now again. I don't I think when you come to Congress can't get interfere. Biden can interfere. I think the only person it would be the attorney general of Merrick Garland. Has put a you know a date and end date on it. That's news to me, but I'll double check on that. Um, but I do think that when you have somebody like Mike Sussman is pretty high up in Perkins Kui Indicted it. I think it tells me more than any kind of, uh, Timestamp does. Okay, That's just my opinion again. I could be, uh, have too trusting and too hopeful of the deep state here. But I just think this is a guy that has had a pretty good reputation. I don't think he wants to go down in flames, uh, to not doing anything about what happened to this country during this entire Russian collusion thing, But I think thank you for the question. I appreciate that, Mike. All right, So let's see. Uh, this is Bruce and Baltimore. Bruce. Good morning. Yeah. So I'll go to Bomber County Library, NorthPoint live. We're gonna regular basis, and they've had programs on August 14. Actually, they had a program Anti racism dialogue Symposium for infants. College and preschools. So it's to the 0.1. I know some of the people staff members their work there on first name basis. And I go to the I think. What is this? I said their infants Tyler's and preschoolers 12345 years old first off if they teach that in an institutes of higher learning, no colleges, high schools I don't agree with that. But this is child abuse. And then the look look at it is like when you're talking about. So I went to oppose the August 14. And then Johnny Schatsky put the maps handed. So you had then it was going to be virtual. I showed up. And let's have a conversation about So I take the national They called the police on me. While mechanic police and.

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