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And lives in Chapel Hill North Carolina I have worked as a researcher the last eleven years of my life when I was let go it was all very sudden with no warning and no severance pay just that's it no matter what number I pressed for whatever kind of help it was disconnected and I was hung up on pretty much more than thirty three million people have signed up for new benefits since the crisis began and we wanted to see how that was playing out on the ground so we are joined now by NPR's Wade Goodwyn in Dallas and peers Greg Allen in Miami and just to be a W. U. N. C. in Raleigh North Carolina had all three of you hello hello Hey there so let's start with taxes weighed I understand that more than two million workers in your state have applied for unemployment insurance is that correct that's right like everywhere else in America things are rough here last year the U. S. became the number one oil producer in the world largely on the back of Texas shale oil fields and now there are questions about to what extent these drilling operations would ever come back online threatens to undo what had been a robust Texas manufacturing sector I mean we're talking hundreds of thousands of jobs lost altogether and mostly these were good paying jobs and who's eligible for unemployment in Texas of.

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