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Thursday morning February 3rd 1228 in the morning on WTF Graphic and weather are the 8th and what it breaks over to rich hunter and the WTO feed traffic center Are traveling on the beltway in Virginia work sounds remain on the Internet near the exits for south pound George Washington park We first on the inner loop we're at the exit to go south on the Parkway You squeeze left past the works on the outer loop the work begins in the service roadway so everyone stays left to get by then as you exit to go south on the George Washington park where you continue to stay left around the work barrels as they continue to work on that ramp Now on the interlude that I'll be between Arlington boulevard 9 66 single file left get you bothered works and remember the rhapsody east and west on 66 closed you follow the posted detour which will take you up to route 7 to work your way back towards 66 Easter west Now if you're traveling in a Maryland bell way through Montgomery and prince George's county so far so good no incidents no delays Over in Annapolis he's found 50 just east to see Margaret's road Headed towards sandy points they left past the works on the bay bridge the eastbound span remains closed as a result of the crash that occurred during two way traffic on these pounds fan However due to the fog advisory they reopened the westbound so folks from the eastern shore headed toward Annapolis all lanes are now open You've got three lanes last bound However traffic remains stopped on the eastbound due to the crash to be careful rich hundred WTF traffic We've been tracking some rain trying to make its way in from west to east and we'll continue to see more rain during the day on our Thursday keep the umbrellas handy temperatures rising through the day 40s in.

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