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Park. A win gets the Reds Over the 500 mark. We'll talk about it. After the game on the Kelsey Chevrolet Extra inning show a couple of notes and headlines America. Garrett will begin a five game suspension tonight reduced from seven stemming from the incident versus the Cubs. Garrett, by the way, has not allowed to run over his last four appearances, striking out six, allowing just one hit, so the Reds will be short handed going into cores Field. Never a good place to be short handed pitching wise to go into that ballpark. Reds will also make up their game in Cleveland that was rained out Sunday. On Monday, August 9th, a 6 10 start. The NFL 2021 schedule, released tomorrow night schedule to kick off the season will kick off Thursday, September 9th the regular season Running through Sunday, January 9th, the defending Super Bowl champion Buccaneers, expected to host the Thursday night opener on September 9th and Raymond James Stadium. Bengals fans can purchase single game tickets as soon as the schedule is released on Wednesday at 7:45 P.m.. Anyone purchasing single game tickets through the team will not pay processing fees. Bob Baffert acknowledged today that the Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit was treated with an anti fungal ointment, which includes Beta method zone. The horse will race in Saturday's Preakness Stakes after an agreement was reached after Baffert agreed to pre race blood testing, monitoring and medical reviews that, according to the trainers, attorney today Medina Spirit drew the number three post today and is the 9 to 5 favorite. In Saturday's race. FC Cincinnati continued training today they'll kick off their inaugural matching T Q L Stadium this Sunday when the club hosts enter Miami. See effort four PM and there's hockey news those cyclones air back. They've announced the schedule for the 2021 2022 E C H l season Clone start the season on the road October 23rd against the indie fuel. This will be the first regular season game since Merch 11 of 2019 in Toledo after 595 days. 2021 2022 season will see the Cyclones play a total of 72 regular season games. Welcome back to the Cincinnati Cyclones. All right. This will be a topic of conversation tonight after the game. Let's do this. Take some notes along the way maybe makes a mental note to write it down on a piece of paper will react to the Reds over the PIRA Reds game against the Pirates tonight and We will assess their 32 games ins. We've hit the 2020% market the season. We're 1/5 of the way through. They are 16 and 16. Would you classify the Reds is overachieving. Underachieving or doing about what you thought they do at this point of the season. Sounds like a topic for tonight. As we continue the Arnell carriers inside pitch 700 wlw. Finding great candidates, the higher Converium like well, trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sure you can post your job to.

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