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And now the iheart radio lincoln sports prime capsule what's going on sports lovers it's me ball free grounded here is always to take you want a true package time this week in sports history beginning a ninety nine when thai copied sue inside the park home runs in the same game in 1914 the boston red sox purchased picture babe ruth from the baltimore orioles this week 1950 one marks the first color telecast of a sporting event pits a horse race broadcast by cbs 1985 astra's picture nolan ryan is the first is frank at four thousand batters versus the mets and this week in 2016 133 simple in men's tennis event you winner is an american gandhi murray thatcher iheart radio weakens boards time capsule your dimes conquer polio give the hand now with premature birth march of dimes dot org on corby show news radio 610 wtvn seven minutes after three o'clock at 610 wtvn john corby with joe bradley and it is the sheer happy it's tuesday radio program well amazon customers are shopping at record levels on grime day and deir jitter hasn't given up on buying the marlins and now you won't believe what former buckeye business these dry to get into bound at interesting and uh we have a uh smart home device that uh ended a violent dispute called nine one one on its own so at the the world were moving forward ladies and gentleman butter hopefully ah today won't be the all weather show yesterday was one of the come strangest weather days i think i've ever broadcast through with the all the ah you know usually you'll get a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado watch now be into affect waller in effect and then they'll go away and and another county may pop up will yesterday was used nonstop nonstop change i meet franklin county was on and off the severe thunderstorm warning three or four times and a two or three of them were than a half an hour beach other and hopefully we won't be worried about that today a radar right now uh good down in southeast in northeast of uh of columbus there was a bunch that uh just popped up around moral richlane crawford county but here in uh in the columbus area nothing right now but will keep an eye on that.

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