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Welcome in another nice new addition to Celtics beat and all is well in the sea's world four straight wins. It's now 15 of 17, 17 of 20 if you want something a little cleaner, you could even go deeper, call it 22 of 28, the message here, folks, is the Celtics are winning far more than they are losing and we are enjoying it. I'm Adam Kaufman, Evan valenti back with us. And I don't know. Part time writer full time photographer, it's tough to tell when I'm looking at Instagram, but I know the man is very busy in both fields. Jared Weiss from the athletic. How are you? But that's always good to be here just to talk about my photography career. There you go. It's blossoming. It's blooming. You're doing well. Very artistic, I would say. Yeah, I don't really, I'm not one of those people that uses my IG to put crappy iPhone photos of Jayson Tatum at the podium. But stuff like that. I do it for my FUD. There you go. What's the pick?.

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