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DOS dot com slash secure This is WTO news It is four 23 Marilyn governor Larry Hogan E is urging Republican voters to in his words stand against the extremes in prepared remarks for a speech this evening at the Reagan library in California the Republican criticizes last year's rioting at the capitol what he describes as an outrageous attack on our democracy and cited by losing candidates inflammatory false rhetoric He also has blunt words about whether former president Trump should make another run for The White House I don't think he should No I think it'd be better for the party if we moved on and looked towards the future rather than going back and repeating The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result Hogan tells CBS Robert Costa the Trump years were terrible for the Republican Party but Hogan is also criticizing President Biden He is of course Hogan wrapping up his final term as Marilyn governor He says Republicans should look to the future and avoid nominating a cheap impersonation of Trump in the 2024 race And when asked if there's a room for him in today's GOP Hogan replies quote I guess we'll find out in the coming years Four 24 now the prince George's county council has been operating one member short since last month when district 6 councilman directly on Davis stepped down Now a replacement has been appointed to finish out the term District heights mayor Jonathan medlock will serve at the final few months of the term which expires this December Last week medlock told the council of appointed he would focus on public safety and continue to push for economic improvement throughout the district I've been intentional in my journey to make sure I elevate into positions where I can do the most good Medlock is not among those running for the seat in the July primary My board is I some on the council were suspicious Davis stepped down early in the hopes of seeing his preferred successor appointed to finish out his term Welcome soon to be councilman medal act Medlock was appointed by a ten O vote John dome in WTO P news Well your commute could be a bit longer this week if you ride a D.C. circulator bus This is day one of a bus driver strike About a 175 drivers didn't get behind the wheel of a D.C. circulator bus today as they went on strike during negotiations over wages and benefits Driver Gary stoddard said they should be getting hazard pay for their positions We are here because we are considered essential workers but they don't treat us as a set of workers Bus driver Taiwan Robinson We had to work on the conditions where you know some.

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