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Do you think they'll go all in why name marketing he sandy colfax you really wanna watch sandy koufax pitch for the texas rangers i just wanna see them pitch longer anywhere right i mean for for this generation of fans he's he's colfax and to the idea of watching him go somewhere else would be difficult and i be devil's advocate and soften the blow say buddies a pitcher like even if you're a hardcore dodger fan who goes to the stadium because you ain't seen on tv acn him but once every five outings yeah so i don't think it changes it he's that good he's the best pitcher of his generation i mean if it were mike trout for instance mike trout i dunno trump's gonna to leave because the angel this year may be different maybe i'll changes everything i think mike trout is gonna wanna win at some point and so forth since he's been here they haven't i can't talk to that because he's still hasn't gotten full value yet not yet you're right but the numbers will be astronomical everywhere it's the yankees the phillies than that's the dodgers the angels i think will be huge numbers to they're all going to come in and just blow i mean you're talking forty million a year at that point yeah there are talking about bryce harper getting that kind of money up at the end of the year it's interesting i look you plan in california la you otani's this for more will you can start saying i'm staying here he's here we're all to this fast art move we finished well y'all come here for that amount of money only thing outta rangers going to be in that conversation for trout.

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