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You Amy thank you governor one of the things that we try to do here now Ohio lieutenant governor John Huston's be questions that you have I can tell you that the three of us in our entire team feel so responsible to you that when we're going through this difficult time that we want to make sure that everything that we can do on our end to ease the burden in your lives is a top priority for us hi every day I have we'll work with our folks at the unemployment compensation system that ODJFS director Kim hall and her team who are working diligently to try to respond to your needs you know that today it was released the unemployment claims nationwide give you a little window into what we're talking about here in Ohio and what it means to our system last word of the week ending March twenty first we had one hundred eighty seven thousand seven hundred and eighty claims to put this in perspective in all of two thousand and nineteen we had three hundred and sixty nine thousand five hundred and ninety four so as you can see those the burden on the system the number of of people that filed is it is an amazing is amazing number if you look at that period in February we had a hundred and twelve thousand calls to the call center in the period that I just described through March twenty one we had one point seven million calls to our call center and as far as the website they're adding servers and building capacity to make sure that we are serving you we know that not everybody is getting served at the pace on that that the demand requires but you should know that they are working through that and that the team is trying to build that capacity the important thing to know that if you do not get through and you're worried about the timing of your benefits and not getting paid the full amount that you qualify for they will make that retroactive so just because you don't get through today or if there was a delay know that they will make the benefit retroactive to the time you qualified for it so we want to ease your minds at least to know that while you may not be able to get through this through the system in the time frame that you're trying to do.

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