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I hate losing more than anything and and and I work my tail off man to make sure that Our city our fans our team our coaches and all that can just enjoy win and so men sitting here at one and seven eighths sucks but nothing is going to stop until I see the other side of it and great commander the system and defensively they're fiscal men good football team what football fans it's time for another episode of Megan's name Russian your podcasters concert by local southern Nevada Toyota dealers I'm your host Heidi Fang joined also with Michael Belkin are raiders beat writer whose out in Oakland this week waiting for the home return of the raiders who just got off the battle the bay loss to the forty niners again we talked about that in last Week's episode and this week they will close out their season series with the chargers this Sunday in Oakland the La chargers are now six into in the year and looking to extend that win streak to six they just recently came off a win over the Seahawks so another big game here for Oakland divisional game but for right now I think it means more obviously to the chargers who are second in the AFC West Oakland still hanging on the autumn wrong at one in seven these seems last week five and it was a twenty six to ten victory for the chargers and now they're looking to move into Oakland Wissam St behind him so we're GONNA get into that we're also going to talk with Gilbert Manzano who's here he's going to give us kind of his on the clock look at what could become the Peter's draft we're going to bring that in weekly and talk about different players that could make a good fit for the raiders in the coming draft of twenty nineteen we're also going to hear from Eddie van der does defensive tackle who last year tore his acl he's on the Comeback Path and we're going to hear his story and what it's going to take for him on this recovery mission and how he spent this year on the publicity with the raiders and what his comeback path will be like so we will hear from him a little bit later here in the show but again let me reintroduce Michael Belkin you can find him on twitter at Gilpin NFL working to get right into it here breaking down this chargers Gotcha for Oakland Michael this has been another crazy week for the raiders this week they release Bruce Irvin the offensive line still samples were wondering what the status is of some of the players there what can you tell us about what's happened here with Bruce Irvin and most importantly who's going to step into his shoes at defensive end for the raiders or first of all the timing of the move was not ideal. I was in a movie theater watching Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Film Ran The news arose I was in I was trying to do my best to pay attention to my phone and I had a text I Gilbert and see if you could help me out thousands of pension I wanted it I needed to know how the movie was GonNa End so the timing wasn't great but timing though wasn't I may refer me but I think it was great for Bruce Irvin because now he gets the finish out this season with his hometown team the Lanta salkin now he gets to join a foreign four squad certainly a contender and he also gets more money out of it the raiders still oh Bruce Irvin the remaining portion of eight million dollar salary for two thousand eighteen which amounts to about three point eight roughly million dollars the lesson met and so he still gets that money on top of what the Atlanta Falcons are playing him for the final half of the season so all in all great timing to be Bruce even he ran onto the practice field this week with the Falcons and said something along the lines of I'm free I'm free as quoted by reporters on scene so he really happy to be out of the one seven abyss that is the two thousand eighteen Oakland raiders and so good for him and it I think was probably the best thing you could argue for the raiders as well when he was only playing nine defensive snaps I believe on Thursday evening against the San Francisco Forty niners are aw they want guys who can just have the right mindset going into the final half of the season everyone in the building knows what it is it's a bit of a Filler I want to develop your your young talents of filler given out of it until next offseason when they really can address the roster and so deserving this career to be writing through that I just don't know if he was built to handle that emotionally I probably wouldn't have been a positive situation for the locker room so I think it was the right timing for everybody not named Michael Milkin now it's unfortunate how was the movie the and what you're able to focus on with it I've heard nothing but great things about this flick it was good it was good stars born I would recommend it I would just say I without being more detailed after saying this it's one of those movies that you walk Abbas Theater and it sticks with you for a while for better for worse it's just it's really well done yeah so that's that's that I have never seen a star is born not in any way uh and none of those movies so for me this would be a new experience if I were to go but I appreciate the tip on that just in case I plan on going but I know this week on November fifth. Actually the raiders did signed Smith HE I don't think he's really gonNA come in and play ought to get into a role like you mentioned Bruce Irvin was rotating in there with the other defensive ends so I don't know where does he fit in if at all immediately as a plug in for this defense unclear whether he'll be active on Sunday against the chargers between hand and Kony ealy you know these are guys that the raiders brought in to involve their defense is is atrocious certainly from a pass rush standpoint they're the worst pass rush that pro football focus has ever documented on film which goes back x several years they had four sacks or pardon me that to sex in their lone win of the season against the Cleveland Brown on September thirtieth they haven't had multiple sacks in any of their seven losses and because of that I think they had four takeaways in that same game against the Cleveland Browns they've had to take aways combined in their other seven games those losses and so the aren't getting enough pressure they're not forcing take away as the offense had awful field position pretty much all season and so if you can find some veterans even though they've you're signing him off the street and I think people's expectations should be adjusted accordingly. Maybe one of those guys surprises improved player for you it's it wouldn't be surprised if neither do a given that they have a lot to prove you know they've been passed over and this league guys have had workouts of other teens and just not gotten opportunity of the raiders are willing to get the one so you know they have the you know somewhat stereotypical you know so so to speak chip on their shoulder they'll have that and they looked to show that they belong in this league this is their opportunity where the final eight games of these Games mean a lot to them in their careers I would absolutely think it would especially going against it visual opponent these two teams the chargers on the raiders have met up I believe a hundred eighteen times I think that's the most of any opponent that they've had I and meeting Wise One hundred eighteen times at the chargers right now under Anthony Lynn this is like their best start since two thousand six again second place in the if see west the offense is ranked at eighth right now in the NFL you have studs like Keenan Allen who has six hundred thirty receiving yards Kevin Gordon Right now at eight hundred and sixty eight scrimmage yards for the team and of course Philip rivers at the helm man he is sharper than ever this year so we're the raiders this is going to be a really important game for them to try to make a stand to try to show something give a spark to this team I don't know where they're going to muster it from but I think they definitely in this kind of a situation need to try to come out just guns blazing like you mentioned in the Cleveland Gain Michael That was one of the Games where we could see that you could see there was a sense of urgency but it's really not been there I haven't seen that spark as much in recent games and I wonder where they're going to get it you're they're embedded on a we a two week basis you talked about how reserve leaving the field saying I'm free I'm free I mean what's the team's response been to that if at all if you've been able to speak to any of the the raiders about that departure and also you know where do you think that extra push is going to come from in this game who has that spark I've spoken a little bit the players regarding Bruce Irvin and this is not the First Defensive Co captain that they've seen go out the door Dirk Johnson was least as well and so I think they're almost use with almost numb to it but I think they're all genuinely happy for Bruce that he got out of the locker room and that he's got a chance at this stage in his career you know like a virgin as to why they haven't gotten off too fast arts and Games are Venal close at opponents winning I just younger talented on defense it's critical spots on offense their offense align is dismissed so banged up I don't want to I think it's just been a lack of can-do and so Coaching staff wants to win locked room wants to win they feel urgency but it's one thing to feel something that's quite another to be able to go out and execute and if there are mental breakdowns at times the breakdown have been physical so it's been something of a cataclysmic breakdown as to why the raiders are sitting here out one in seven now in come the chargers presuming the air quality doesn't prove to be an issue in this game gets off right on time as planned and I mentioned this we're talking on a Thursday and the air quality was deemed to be unhealthy by the Environmental Protection Agency as a raiders. Were practising on this afternoon so we'll just see you and your last year when the chargers came into town air quality was one of the bigger talking points were the NFL was considering having the game be relocated a to Dallas ours was Arlington that the Dallas Cowboys. At and T..

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