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Next fresh air, the billionaires who have become even richer during the pandemic and how some of them aren't even spending the money to protect their workers from Covina. We'll talk with Chuck Collins, who runs the program on inequality and the common good at the Institute for Policy Studies. He gave away his inheritance at the age of 26 join US Fresh air Coming your way. It's seven o'clock this evening followed it a PM tonight by Kelly Corrigan wonders And today the episode is about Are we losing our religion? How has faith evolved in the lives of every day? Americans Kelly Korean wonders. Are we losing our religion? That's tonight at eight and then later tonight again at 1 A.m. here on KQED Public radio. The time now is 10 minutes before six. It's all things considered from NPR News. I'm Mary Louise Kelly and I'm Ari Shapiro. After months of amplifying President Trump's false claims about election fraud, Fox News, the Fox Business Network and Newsmax have run awkward segments rebutting those claims. That's because those wild allegations have led to one lawsuit and the threat of more. NPR's David Folkenflik has this report on how those networks are trying to backpedal in an effort to avoid further litigation. You remember Fox business host Lou Dobbs? Good old, A terrible crime has been perpetrated upon President Trump in the American voting Public Loo dubs Defense attorneys Sidney Powell cited a whistle blowers, Dunning affidavit. It says smart Matics technology. We was used to rig elections that Venezuela it is now in the quote didna of every vote tabulating companies, software and system. Ever Since the election, Dobbs has had on guests who asserted fraud by Smartmatic, which makes voting machine software, as well as by another company, Dominion, which makes voting machines, Though Dobs acknowledge their denials of fraud, Smartmatic isn't standing for it anymore and has threatened Fox with litigation. Outside, lawyers say it may have a strong case. You saw the first sign of retreat Friday evening in a surreal segment on Dobbs Show. Have you seen any evidence that Smartmatic software was used to flip votes anywhere in the U. S in this election it presented to producers disembodied voice Questions focused on Smartmatic the questions posted on the screen. I have not seen any evidence that Smartmatic software was used to delete change alter anything related to vote tabulation. The guest was Eddie Perez, the global director of tech development at a nonprofit called open source. Election technology. Segment looked like an infomercial and sounded like a deposition. Have you seen any evidence of Smartmatic sending us votes to be tabulated in foreign countries? No, I'm not. Smartmatic software was, as press said several times on Lee used in Los Angeles County during the 2020 elections. Perez basically shot down one allegation after another about Smartmatic in any of the conversations that I had with Fox is people or the booking agent or the producer. At no time. Did anybody give me any indication that Smartmatic would be a topic of conversation at all? Much less being the exclusive topic of conversation. Perez tells NPR that Fox had asked him to discuss claims about the integrity of the vote. More broadly, Frankly, I was very surprised when When the final question that they needed was done, and they simply said, Thank you. That was my first indication. Oh, it's it's we're not even going in that direction in this sort of discussion. Even so, press says he felt oddly glad to participate because Fox hosts have helped to spread so much election disinformation. Segment ran onto other prominent Fox shows to Fox News staffers say the video was an effort to appease Smartmatic. It's lawyers declined to comment to NPR. Some Fox News viewers have defected to the even more feverishly pro Trump Newsmax TV. Get on Monday, Newsmax host John Tobacco read that network's own epic walk back. Newsmax would like to clarify its news coverage and note that it has not reported as true certain claims made about these companies. He offered a tour of the increasingly baroque and unfounded allegations being made about Smartmatic and Dominion Dominion has stated the company has no ownership relationship with the Pelosi family. Feinstein family, the Clinton family, Hugo Chavez or the Government of Venezuela. Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy tells NPR that was merely clarifying the network's position. That didn't stop a Dominion employees from suing Newsmax, along with other right wing media outfits and the Trump campaign alleging defamation. The employee said he received violent threats and was forced into hiding. David Folkenflik. NPR News, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes debuts her first serious for Netflix on Christmas Day. It's called Bridger Iton. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans says the serious features storytelling techniques, which become hallmarks of rhymes of style, Shonda Rhimes has mastered the modern soap opera. So it's an interesting surprise. The note that the first series her company is made for Netflix is set in the past 18 13 era London To be precise when unseen gossip describes the rules for presenting debutantes to high society. Today is the day London's marriage minded Mrs are presented to Her Majesty. The queen that was belongs to Julie Andrews, who plays Lady Whistle down the author of a gossip laden newsletter, tracing the efforts of the city's most eligible debutantes to secure a fiance. Whistle down provides narration off camera gossip Girl style, describing an era where young women are judged by the station of the men. They married and key to securing the best offers his approval from the queen whose gaze is so discerning she can make less competitive debutantes. Think in fear it is only the queen's eye.

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