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On the rear tyres assail chair kohl's away they try to tighten it up fifteen point six seconds a good stop their tony stewart four tires it fuel there was also a very good stop couple of laps ago for bobby labonte fifty point nine seconds jerry native polls away your thought on yesterday's winter he's got a good run more today there could make attract bar adjustment they're not blinds crew working on the right side of the car toppled on had been the leader analogy is in the pits dale jarrett will cycle around and become the leader tony stewart was on pit row justifiable to go also dale earnhardt jr so it will now be dale jarrett in the league jarrett ticked off the top spot once again and has a healthy barge it over the secondplaced car which had cycle around to be mark barton sturlic marlin will fall in line in the fourth position with bill elliott in v six as johnny benson seventh his kurt busch eight this dale jarrett night bob in the body and ten is jeff gordon noble five contenders the leaders of those right now arch jeff gordon who runs tenth likes skinner whose it 17th now falling to 18th terry the body whose it 23rd kenny wallace in thirty seconds and jodi vacek who is out of the race after a crash early on here this afternoon rusty us if you wonder why we're not talking about rusty he has retire his car for the day he did it very early pudding only a few laps on the board eight as a matter of fact when he got caught up in a crash will return to germany may feel involved in that when also not talking about jerry they will finish forty in forty third ricky craven took his carded rajouri been a lot of laughs back there he currently showing 41st brentwood eyes quite a bit of time behind the pit wall in the garage area also brit currently has forty he's been on the racetrack a few times in and out jeff burton has been back on the speedway he is showing some eighty plus lapse downright actually about seventy settle for hot strickland up a charge for the wall with a why side of the car is trying to get a wo down locking up the front ahead finished.

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