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Five minutes after the hour on a Christmas Eve edition of pro football talk live there's been plenty of crazy twists and turns and developments through the NFL's one hundred season and the latest one when I first started on Sunday night it was tongue firmly planted in cheek but there was also a sense of fascination because it didn't sound all that crazy Marshawn Lynch retired no longer playing for the raiders no longer playing for anyone Seattle Seahawks the team with which she became a star member they didn't draft in the bills did traded to Seattle became a superstar their beast mode won a Superbowl should have won a second one if they merely handed the ball to him on the one yard line and simple for nine know how that goes I was on a plane yesterday with various by the way I was gonna go talk to a metaphor of interview to be you know people when they travel there in travel mode right it doesn't mean you're being unfriendly but I want to go up to get good guy he's giving people gonna talk to more times like just let him go about his business had kid with them just lenders thing but Cybill forty nine we're talking earlier this week about the best place in the decade I think that played in the Super Bowl forty nine the best by the decade's most impactful it sparked the second phase of this patriots dynasty it kept the Seahawks from C. from really cementing their own dynasty and Marshawn Lynch was a central figure in all that he would eventually leave the Seahawks remember he he retired during Super Bowl fifty one year later so here off came back play for the raiders twenty seventeen played for the raiders in twenty eighteen and now with her shot penny out for the year Chris Carson out for the year CJ pro size out for the year the Seahawks are back in the Marshawn Lynch business and it is phenomenal I joked about it Sunday night tweeting give of Marshawn Lynch in a game against the forty Niners urging them to do it and they've done it and he's back in I have no idea how this is going to go no clue whatsoever but my goodness how it spices up the last week of the season and the postseason for however long the Seahawks are alive and we will see Marshawn Lynch make his debut Sunday night on NBC when the forty Niners travel to Seattle and when you tune in N. B. C. for Sunday night football one of the guys you'll see out on the field wearing the gold helmet is George Carey wanted best tight end right now if not the very best tight end in the National Football League George welcome back how are you well that's a big problem what's your reaction when you find out yesterday that the forty nine is gonna be playing that that return match against the Seahawks in prime time on NBC with everyone watching all pretty excited this last one so try to get another shot these guys and especially it's in Seattle and only go with one there for a long time the biggest challenge of the team works are looking forward to it and yet the playoffs starting after that how important is it to your team given that you didn't have a bye since week for to get that week off before you have to play a single elimination game yeah I was pretty early David what then played a lot of football since then sold out be very help fourteen just give guys a week off the bodies back on the very helpful no that's our goal and now we're here today we can withstand you know that the Seahawks are very banged up especially running back there's some chatter that Marshawn Lynch could end up back with the Seahawks is that one of those things you look at and say well this is kind of the ideal play defense prisons kind of intriguing the idea to see Marshall is back on the field or you just fine without Marshawn Lynch coming out of retirement then you also I love watching him play so I know it I mean whatever he and he brings a lot to the table so he didn't under challenge but on no I'm just all of that play out buddy I'm a fan so I I would love to see that I know one of things riding Harrison brings up every time of year as the playoffs start the intensity of the post season how the game changes how the hitting changes everything about it changes and the forty Niners collectively don't have a lot of playoff experience how much are you already leaning on the guys who have been there and done that for for just pointers and advice on what to expect when the playoffs roll around well you know a little bit here and there but you know we're sold now just for some regular season to this day after going to be like a playoff game all we know all that the last Saturday night was deathly playoff game in our opinion and so we're just gonna well just keep plan our for our brand of football which is physical moving the ball and I'm trying to you know go around and that run get down your throat source or keep you on that and that Saturday night game was a classic obviously the rams were knocked out with the loss tied late that drive with two thirds sixteen get converted I don't think I've ever seen that happen before when you're lining up for the second third sixteen are you thinking there's no way in hell we're gonna do this again another play calls on her well zero to be a complete big shot or I don't know what's going to happen and I looked like I was a good Jimmy I know I wasn't protection released to the flat I look yeah I just seem launchers are all while I look down feel in Mandel's wide open so that was pretty awesome I just got to work I guess how how has it been for you to go through this process of becoming a star player a guy that opposing teams are focusing on shutting down with double teams and extra resources how has that affected you how has that changed your game under really hasn't I just go out there and just play football on whether there's one or two guys on me it does really matter I sure I can't get open you know coaching had schemes place really get while once and I said to take advantage of the situation which I've done a pretty good job with this year Cochrane handy all we do some creative stuff back there which allows me to get open it's pretty fun and no I just offering to play football when you pull off a win like the one that we saw on Saturday night and and and the way that you did it with those two thirds sixteen how much confidence is that give to the team heading into the biggest game of the regular season a lot on the definitely the way that get the game ended all you know I I think a lot of people thought I was gonna go to for sure but the fact that you know Jimmy could stand pocket deliver two thirds sixty it's back to back on two beautiful passes on now you're just a lot about our team is a lot of Jimmy G. and how he can deliver and how he leads his team the worst gonna keep carrying that momentum into this game are coming up Saturday Sunday night I've had the season derailed last year in week three with his knee injury a lot of questions about him going into the season it seems like he's answered most of those what have you seen from him this year as he's developed and grown and made some big throws in big spots just consistency I mean even back no T. A.'s speed limit same passes is the same guy personal but nothing ever gets to a mother you know it's an interception incomplete pass a bad check it it does nothing really facsimile he just come back the next play he's Donald and ready to go on the us all about Jim just a consistent he brings no we have switched up really young team to have a lot of young guys up their own plan making big plays and so with his consistency just keeps everyone they are locked and loaded I have been focusing he just keeps delivered bald renouncing their George you mentioned that you would miss the first game against the Seahawks you had the ankle in the knee injury number watching that there isn't a game against the cardinals and you took that hit to the nay and I'll crap that did this is not good and your back on the field how the hell were you able to keep going for the rest that game at least most of rest the game after you had that knee injury I really got a better trainers got a nice day job on the knee stable as a little bit but we play on no its football stuff happens in U. scattering all complete their stuff cal Shanahan praise you throughout that period of the time that you were injured as a guy who like if anybody can play with these injuries it's George Carol what is it about you that makes you different from other players when it comes to that ability that willingness that drive determination to find a way to fight through injury and get on the field and be as good as you are while injured as you are when you're not injured it's football at sixteen seventeen weeks no one really cares if you're hurt or not do so again he played ever since Sunday and so I just in my eyes just expected you know it's not in my job description I play football whether you're old matter what's going on now if I get on the field on the on the field and I got to get to work before I let you go panda express is the only two that is made disappearance available tell us what you have going on with them will be appended stress it's a thing that I know a lot of for a long time on I see I was really trying to kind of fell into this relationship some I've been I love this is also located in on Mondays on Twitter some that means some all of my teammates started a couple years ago and just kind of you know kept gone gone gone now on our got sponsorship with them is just really fun to talk about how much does the chicken breasts which is campaign that were going on did towards the end of it but no pain or stress really likes and I love it on which one my favorite dishes and that's just one of those things that it's just personally fun for me because I connect so well in Iowa blood is it's also okay and you know I'm thinking of this because I know you have a Bernie doodle I've got a Bernie doodle and I when I went into the relationship my position was only dog food that's why they make dog food you don't need to beat people food what's your position on whether or not your dog gets to eat you know the food off the table or leftovers or anything other than what goes into the ball out of that bag that that giant heavy bag of of the stuff that no that not that no dog or human should eat all you know it's been what it is I definitely like sure my dog you know just saying honey sesame chicken breast is accompli organic so that's something I would definitely my dog she does like that stuff what what is your position on baking dish she'd like make nor is she just sits on our mind you sit side she's very smart she just sits there she just wants to know I'm here in the event possibly that there may be a piece the drops on the ground you wanna give it to me I'm here but I'm not gonna body I'm gonna let you eat what is your dog do she says Sir I'm so not like my counter she'll have her head on my lap share she just feels person the person whoever she now says most food she does moves Sierra more my dog knows like when we have family over she knows from history who to target she knows more going accidentally drop the food on the floor repeatedly so I doubt she stays there the whole meal is over that's great stuff for George we got let you run to get to get to work big game coming up on Sunday night congratulations on all your success this year and all the best for the post season we look forward to seeing you on Sunday night football and beyond happy holidays and we have talked too soon thank you so much rather be on those blasts there was George kill that was yesterday we didn't have him up at four forty five AM every time we had and just before we headed out to practice forty nine we get ready to take on the Seahawks in Seattle winner likely gets a bye wins the division loser is going to have to go to Philadelphia were Dallas and it's amazing to think that one of those two teams at eight eight or nine and seven is getting in.

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