Brock Obama discussed on Mark Levin


Business owners suck if you can't just work i agree you shouldn't be in business you should serve your open for business and if you're wearing a brock obama shirt or a trump hat or a jeff for the supreme court shirt you shouldn't you shouldn't discriminate but they will i agree the last caller it will they will do it i mean it's already happened it has already happened and is going to happen again but remember sir it was it was not a trump supporter who take somebody out of a restaurant your point about the billboard wherever it was the taxes i mean given a chance now given a chance the seed is planted now somebody in podunk texas and you got your bernie sanders gear they're going to say get out of here i could say get out i'll do it and they will he's right i just think that if it's the right political environment if you did this i don't know if williamson county would count anymore pick another small town play if engulfed way turned around and said i'm not going to serve you in that trump hats whatever that that would be bernie sanders i know but i'm saying is if the trump hat got turned away that local municipality would pass a law oh yeah right if all happened in austin texas to somebody that trump hat would you might ads right it might that legislatures going to jump in and say austin is out of control correct yeah track the tree ordinance tree thing the plastic bag david you're on the tree hello david jeff had good show guys next pleasure listening to you yeah it's you remember back in the seventies it was no shoes no shirt no service so you know pretty soon it's going to be all you have to many tattoos or you'd have shaped head or your hair's long or your fingernails or thirty so then they're gonna start putting red on each door or on the sign of the building and purple and blue so you can have your choice of whether you're going to be money to that business or not it's crazy but it is crazy and it is really unhealthy and it's messed up i agree that that anybody would wake up with an agenda an agenda other than doing what they love to do to serve customers handle client on any reason so messed up i'm a i'm a business man i can't turn away business i don't care what affiliation you are i just don't talk politics or religion right and i think you'll be the first to say nor should i doesn't mean you don't have those opinions those feelings but there's time and a place and when you go to work you don't know work to do what you do best right correct and that's all that's the way it should be it should be but it's not too bad it's gotten more thought of it that way before long given now the chance you're right someone's gonna put a sign up yeah and says liberals no no liberals here are no no and the thing in austin i got see some coffee shops or rest no trump's supporters here a lot of trump supporters go to coffee shops and awesome around the capital they probably do not around the cap around the gaza.

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