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Left. Kelly is the best i think the takeaway to is is just to realize that You know we're all different role unique you know and we've all got to just listen to our bodies do what works for you. Take it one step at a time. You guys and if there's something. I learned postpartum. It was as my body was changing. I need to be kind to myself during the process. And i think that's something for you to keep in mind if you're out there and you're kind of going through something similarites love yourself. Just how you are how god made you. you know. it's this easy as that but we make it so complicated. Sometimes i do guards before we go. We just wanted to briefly. Thank all of you. Who have downloaded this. Podcast subscribed and left a review or a rating all. You guys are the freaking bombs saz. And i have been scrolling through the comments trying to read all of them and we're just we're blown away so completely overwhelmed by all of the love and support we've been getting from you guys just the comments and the just the reviews in the comments and the ratings you guys have been giving us on on our podcast. It really helps us and we ask that if you're new or if you're a classics deviances on family follower please go on there and give us a rating a review Look i just read this one's dvd in it. It was so sweet. Somebody wrote cindy wrote. This made me tear up. You guys are the cutest. I'm so in love with this. I cannot wait for more. I love listening to your podcast. This is where i get my morning preachings from that inspire me and give me hope. Now get to listen to the two of you being really real an open and we love that. She said very inspiring. You hear that baby. You're inspiring wow so sweet you so much. Another person said sazonon stevie our life. This is a perfect place for them to continue to share the love and bring more happiness in the world especially if they talk about teeny all the time so excited about this. I think we just need to bring teeny on. People want more teeny. Raise your hand. If you want teeny if you do go rate review let us know you know interact. We're always reading those so we are so excited will definitely read more throughout this season. Big you guys again for welcoming us here to this platform and again please. Don't forget to rate and review this podcast. Subscribe all that good stuff because we got a lot more coming for you here on the good life and last but not least the good word of the week remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don't let comparison steal your joy. Remember that this week guys. We love you. Thank you so much for tuning in levy babe identify say that after everyone that might be the way that to pipe and smoke it guys. Thanks.

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