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Sticky of the men's side here he likes the against the top guy to have done while the french early on last few years we got a phony news cookout yahu marijuana and then he lost to fucking finger in in my own three fucking unacceptable i mean he played a deeply to five centers in his first two rounds and he gets to the third round and he loses in straight sets to a damn racist sickness emp one eighty also i'm pretty good but it's only gonna get fined for the stuff that he said because he was saying something during his mattress angry saying something about he complained about just being put on that court and saying he hopes like a bomb with dinner some shit like that yeah that got some big traction so hopefully there's an a at least you didn't call carlos ramos who was the chair a name because you think it's been cold feet so you know column so you're probably gonna find wow wow i didn't even know that okay traffic all around it oh man oh man okay i i gotta move on and cause some serious issues in the doll a okay well justice if they beat former finalist chill it too is currently having off of a threat i can't get past the second round of the time it saved his life 'em but this is this the end the road friend a just rafa it's not like i mean yeah sure this is the second time that says made it out of the first round here so 'em girl good a good job yeah you're had a need in great but mhm this is it this is it you gotta get ready for that will yeah hopefully you've got some doubles there's something else going on in the neck matchup is needs to korea versus skin a k has made the fourth round without dropping sad which has like the first time ever for him no seriously this fucking miracle yeah exactly what we've been needing hampton deal yeah exactly what he said he wanted to do after the french open few weeks ago he mentioned this so but he's also not sort of had and opponent the farther you should struggled against in that should continue with because by the way he shouldn't be worried about the christian either so he should be in this quarterfinal without dropping a set in feeling fresh when he comes up against his next opponent that's true but it could christian turnouts drops who has had some big scouts already this season so i think that he he must be playing pretty well if he was able to win that for says he also took out isn't it so we would like to take the time to thank you round about saw something about this yes well the bad news tuscan is it's an eight and we had the head for k including here in twenty twelve so i didn't know that yeah in the last six meetings have all been in straightsets well all right so nisa corey yeah korean straight series if you can't make it to the next match it could make the court is not dropping a stat that would be exactly the thing he needs yeah he could really make some noise yeah yeah that that's exactly what you need when he doesn't need replaying roger federer at wimbledon out there you go so you know speaking of their teeny versus fetter sd last fourth round matchup 'em there teeny came into this event playing well having won the dart 'em any made good on his seat he's a seventeen cd made the fourth round 'em this is by far from me the most intriguing of the around the sexy matches on the men's side i think so i agree yeah i mentioned just see all that in real life he's only twenty three time pro in twenty fifteen so this is his best in only his second ever wimbledon result 'em in of course his first meeting against roger have y'all seen roger play at all i kind of had i have i have i watched i think i've seen all of his matches on that first round he lost at first it to that guy mhm kinda surprising to see that but you know better i guess you know still finally getting his legs and 'em is these matches i've been a little bit tougher tonight expected in the big mckee they went with seconds that's how i break in his second round didn't see that coming especially now the first set wrote in his magic is local police was a closer so then i anticipated as well but if like barely any he going into this match saying he thinks he has the game to win which i think is the proper mindset the have going in going in against these top guys so hopefully he can make some noise even if he doesn't win hopefully like i was saying earlier he competes pete yeah it'd be it's gotta be important to bury ntt data go out there and and protect to serve early on and put a lot of pressure on roger 'cause he has had some type stats but i think overall he's been serving pretty well 'em so gotta go out there and why it's high sometimes in the early rounds the kind of only whereabout has served in then if he if he doesn't he doesn't he doesn't worry about it as much so i was i did watch that second set yesterday against qui and that was that wasn't vintage federer fun house like he he played really well and that match i think especially that second set and i would think it's kinda gotta be a little bit of an adjustment for him to having played holiday em because highly is 'em that's a little bit different of some grass than the bumbling grass these these these days so we got it might be a little bit like it's probably playing significantly slower but of course he's never gonna be on announced that court whether it's really playing slow so 'em yeah but like it's it's also their first match like i said he's not gonna really know what to expect embarrassing you right away anyway so 'em that first that could be important for beer teeny if you could really come out and and do some things early even so i'm picking fetter yeah yeah i'd say pattern for yeah i could see that they may take off matchup no not really i m a i was gonna ask you all if you really thought that k could knock out cetera here absolutely not no i don't think so it will be nice to see you see it would be it would be great but i don't know if this were the uss open i will give him a lot more besides mhm say that but on grass absolutely not i agree i think we get no i think we were on the doll joke which final though yeah i mean there's there's no one that's left that's gonna stop novak atop so it's gonna be it's gonna be a big three final regardless i think yup without a doubt sadly i'm tired of it but you know it is what it is 'em so you wanna talk about are best dressed or who but before we get into that where we get that a the mixed doubles andy murray rena williams won first manhattan it with a lot of a lot of when they played very well together like you'd think they'd been playing as a team for a while so they they look really good out there an arena was by far the best player on the court regardless so funny to alive secret returned to their return winter off of that guy mhm i would bring the likes of streaming like you just sit on something and saying even when teams rolling around on the ground is stunned by that that will areas i felt like i everytime i think of that gas that's been going around just cracks me up also you also get younger when their to bake labor altogether seattle seattle volleys did not look you know yeah i mean he he could only go up on on that front 'em murray.

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