A new story from Commercial Drones FM - #041 - Bringing Advanced Computer Vision To Industrial Drones with Alex Harmsen


Yep oh 'cause that okay okay gravity's less and it can okay what exactly fleet little pressure but let's gravity is long okay well geez great answer most people say ikea dji phantom three minnog with mars helicoptered urine so that's a that's a really great answer now what is the future hold then for iris automation i mean looking forward you know a few years in the future where are you guys headed where do you want to be what are your aspirations and know i'm sure this came up in all the pitches and stuff for funding and everything but in a world where do you want you know if you look at the company in a few years and the way the industry's headed like where what's your ideal future look like for iris automation the i never get tired of talking about that at answering these sorts of questions i mean this is in a sense and avoid technology is exciting and safety systems a general for these drones are extremely important and this is really what's gonna get us that next level unlock the beyond line site plates unlock fully autonomous drones but like once that is there i mean that's really when stuff gets interesting and stuff gets crazy on the on this commercial drone side the the so many applications for drones and all these applications a lift applications a listed before from human transportation to force remanants matter like even forest firefighting and the great thing about robotics systems like this is that like right now the relatively dump i mean these autopilots are i mean they're essentially just following gps way points through the sky but i wouldn't be cool if instead of just planning gps way points the follow a pipeline you just pulled it.

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